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Using a sperm donor – why people go for it and how to get started

20 Jun 2022

People use sperm donors for a whole range of reasons, each one completely personal to their own unique situation. Unpacking the process and getting started, FHH founder Eloise spoke live with Jaime Shamonki, MD with California Cryobank

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Watch now to hear us cover: 

  • using a sperm bank vs asking a friend or relative to donate
  • anonymity – how to think about the ‘knowableness’ of a commercial sperm bank donor 
  • privacy concerns, navigating DNA websites, related families and more
  • commercial sperm banks vs social media, e.g Facebook groups 
  • questions for your commercial sperm bank, and what to expect from screening
  • commercial sperm bank catalogues – how to navigate
  • considerations when selecting a donor, from CMV to genetic compatibility
  • what kind of vial do I need and how many should I buy?

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