First Trimester (weeks 1-12)

How to navigate vaccines, on a surrogacy journey – Expert Q&A

7 Oct 2022

How do vaccines work, on a surrogacy journey?

From the Covid-19 vaccine to flu shots and Tetanus, how do the top agencies manage vaccine choices with surrogates and intended parents? Our key takeaway – it all comes down to state-of-the-art matching algorithms, upfront decision-making and, above all – complete clarity and understanding of your shared contract.

VitaNova Technologies are the creators of cutting-edge software, designed to match potential surrogates and gestational carriers with fertility agencies. As the go-to for insight on preference management and filtering, we caught up with COO Danaka Porter, for an expert run-through of successfully managing vaccines on a surrogacy journey, and the factors to consider.

Before you watch, read more about vaccines and surrogacy in our deep-dive with Danaka, pulling on her expert knowledge and experience.

Considering becoming a surrogate or egg donor? Reach out to VitaNova’s experienced and friendly team, to find out more.

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