Vaginal probiotics and microbiome, live with Zita West

19 Jul 2022

Vaginal probiotics are key on a TTC list – here’s why

It’s the centre of your fertility. So it makes sense to do everything you can to care for your vagina, and the incredible micro ecosystem that lives (and works) inside. 

For top tips and where to start, we’ve teamed up with fertility expert Zita West and nutritionist Rebecca from Healthy Gut Kitchen, in a jam-packed Insta Live. Hint, hold the jam

Watch TRB founder Eloise tick off everything below, and more: 

  • How to test your vaginal microbiome
  • Microbiome and its connection to fertility and IVF
  • How to improve your microbiome
  • Probiotics for vaginal health

The Ribbon Box readers can get an exclusive 10% off the Zita West fertility supplements range – including the vaginal microbiome targeted probiotic Femceive. 

All caught up? Hop over to Insta for more whole-body, nutrition and fertility 101s.

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