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How saying YES to glycerin-free products can improve your most intimate well-being

Kristina Lopez, Health & Wellness Writer  |   15 Jun 2023

Glycerin free lube – what’s the deal?

Talking about intimacy is personal. Talking about what products you use during intimate moments is even more so. And what’s worse? We often hesitate to open up until something doesn’t feel right.

Maybe it’s discomfort during those intimate moments or dealing with unwanted sensitivity and irritation. Regardless, we know no one wants uncomfortable recurring issues going on ‘down there’, so you’re definitely not alone in this. 

Finding the most effective, safe, gentle, and healthy products for your most intimate areas is essential. That’s why AH! YES® (YES® in the UK) has partnered with us to introduce – in our opinion – the best glycerin free lube on the market right now – and their full range of intimate health products.

Plus, share a 20% off code (TRB20) for TRB readers to try them out for themselves! 

Understanding how glycerin free lube can create healthier intimacy 

Intimacy with a partner (or even on your own) can get tricky when you’re unsure what products to use with so many brands and products out there. The difference with YES® is that they focus on the long-term effects of the ingredients in their personal care products, not just the short-term end results.  

Glycerin is a common ingredient found in many intimate products like lube. It can provide that smooth and slippery texture that’s sometimes needed on a whim. It can also disrupt the delicate pH balance of your vagina and cause a host of issues you just don’t want to deal with. Glycerin has been known to increase the risk of yeast infections and other vaginal irritations.

We connected with YES® renowned experts in the intimate care field in the UK, which is also known as AH! YES® in the USA. Their natural glycerin free lube helps creates more comfortable intimacy and better balance for your vaginal health. 

lube without glycerin-water-based-oil-based-lubricant

What’s the difference between oil-based and water-based lubricants?

There are two most common lubricant bases known for being the best lube during sex: oil-based and water-based.

Oil-based lubes are typically made from synthetic oils such as silicone which sit on the skin and must be cleaned up afterwards.

Plant oil-based lubes are made from natural oils such as coconut oil (for its natural anti-microbial properties) or sweet almond oil (for its vitamin E-rich composition) are a natural alternative to silicone and hybrid lubes. They can be absorbed into the skin, whereas silicones sit on the skin and must be cleaned up afterward.

They’re also water-resistant, so they’re better for those intimate moments in the shower and personal massages too. It’s important to note that oil-based lubes are incompatible with condoms and can be difficult to wash out of certain fabrics.  

On the other hand, water-based lubes are safe to use with condoms and sex toys. The water in the formula helps rehydrate the vagina’s membranes, which promotes better intimate health every day. It’s equally important to know that they don’t always last as long as oil-based lubricants.

This is where listening to your body and taking into account what you need during those intimate moments with or without your partner is key. YES® and AH!YES® makes their water-based lubricant without glycerin and parabens so you and your vagina can enjoy whatever pleasure comes your way—worry-free.

The YES® intimate health range 

Instead of gatekeeping what we think is the best lube without glycerin, we’re sharing details about the YES® Intimate Health Range. Since every YES® product is made with certified organic ingredients and designed to respect the vagina’s natural pH, we wanted to make your selection process easier for our UK and US readers alike.

For our UK readers:

YES® WB Water-Based Lubricant 

The water-based lubricant is one of the best glycerin-free substitutions for your body’s own lubrication. It’s compatible with natural rubber latex, polyisoprene condoms, and your favorite intimate toys.

It’s also available on NHS prescription—just ask your gynecologist. 

YES® OB Oil-Based Lubricant 

This chemical-free oil-based lubricant is a longer-lasting alternative to silicone lubes. Use the travel-sized natural lube for massages and silicone toys too (just not for condoms).

It’s also sperm-friendly with research showing no negative effects on sperm motility. 

glycerin and paraben free lube-water based lubricant

For our US readers:

AH! YES® WB Water-Based Natural Lubricant

This water-based lubricant is best if you need compatibility with polyisoprene condoms and any additional toys you may use. It’s odorless, non-sticky, vegan-approved, and gynecologist recommended. 

AH! YES® OB Plant-Oil Lubricant

This plant oil-based has a dual purpose as an intimate lubricant and massage oil. It’s also safe for silicone toys and some intimate water play. The gynecologist-recommended oil-based lube is not, however, condom compatible. 

glycerin free lube-oil-based-lubricant

Are there any side effects to glycerin free lube?  

YES® paraben and glycerin free lube is designed to be side-effect-free as there are no skin-irritating or vaginal pH-imbalance ingredients on the list. Their water-based lubes provide long-lasting moisture to improve glide without stickiness and prevent dryness without irritation 

Now that you know how glycerin free lube can improve your intimate health, you can do something about it. The range of YES® and AH! YES® products are a great way to learn how to be better health-conscious about your intimate health so you can be less self-conscious during intimate moments.

You can experience a healthier way to pleasure and a more natural product for your intimate well-being. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your intimate moments with a special offer for TBR readers. Use code TRB20 to get 20% off of any YES® and AH! YES® intimate health products. 

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