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How to balance hormones after pregnancy – 3 tips for doing it the natural way

Emma Harpham in partnership with Ladywell   |   12 Dec 2023

Here’s what to know about how to balance hormones after pregnancy, naturally

Navigating the postpartum hormone rollercoaster and wondering about how to balance hormones after pregnancy? We’ve been there, and we’ve got your back.

From the ingredients and supplements to incorporate into your routine to tried-and-true methods for achieving hormonal harmony, let’s delve into the art (and science!) of how to balance your hormones naturally.

Watch as a new mom and founder of fab supplement brand Ladywell, Ashley Rocha, shares her expertise on what symptoms to expect after having a baby, and her favourite natural tips.

Postpartum herself at the time of recording, she knows that taking a comprehensive supplement like Ladywell is the most reliable way to make sure that your postpartum needs are being met – as well as taking care of any other fertility and wellbeing goals we might have.

Let’s go, mamas!

1. How to balance your hormones naturally

When it comes to how to balance your hormones naturally, especially when you’re postpartum or trying to conceive, there are a lot of really practical tips you can follow, at home, starting today.

Ashley recommends the following;

  • Eat enough protein
  • Maintain good gut health
  • Take the right supplements
  • Eat food before you drink coffee
  • Reduce your stress
  • Minimizing added sugar intake
  • Get enough sleep or get better sleep
  • Eat healthy fats
  • Eat enough fiber
  • Maintain a healthy weight and exercise

Supplements can make a world of difference when trying to balance your hormones, too. Look for expert formulations with adaptogens, super herbs, amino acids and vitamins to help combat PMS, balance your hormones and boost your postpartum recovery. More on this below!

2. What to take to balance your hormones

Powerful, plant-based ingredients can help target even the most stubborn hormonal symptoms, naturally. Ashley talks through her top four favorite ingredients, including;

  • Ashwagandha – It’s a powerful adaptogen that will balance essential hormones used in fertility. It will also lower cortisol levels, lowering your stress and improving your mood (It also increases your sex drive.)
  • Black Cohosh – Studies have shown that black cohosh may improve ovulation and promote regular menstruation.
  • Dong Quai – It helps thicken the uterine wall, increase ovulation, and with the follicular development phase.
  • Shatavari – It helps regulate your estrogen and your menstrual cycle and is a powerful adaptogen that will help lower your stress, crucial to getting pregnant.

3. How to balance hormones after pregnancy

If you’re feeling like you’re struggling with how to balance hormones after pregnancy, you’re not alone. The week following delivery and immediately postpartum, your estrogen and progesterone levels will plummet – and it can feel really, really hard at times.

Ashley explains;

“You’ll feel those rollercoaster-like symptoms and emotions begin to even out as you start to get into the swing of things postpartum.

Pay attention around the six-week mark because that’s when postpartum depression symptoms can begin to show. Symptoms like not wanting to focus on your hygiene, the fear of leaving your baby with somebody else, the inability to sleep fully, and many more.

Two to three months postpartum is when you can expect your hormones to reset to pre-pregnancy levels. It’s really important that you take supplements to support your mood, nourish your body, and help with sleep, energy, stress and immunity.”

That’s how you can start to balance hormones after pregnancy, the natural way

Remember, this journey is unique to you, so listen to your body and consult with healthcare professionals for personalized advice, especially if you’re feeling low for an extended period of time, around the six-week postpartum mark.

But, from incorporating hormone-balancing ingredients and supplements into your routine to adopting mindful practices, you’re not just helping to restore hormonal balance but embracing the beauty of postpartum resilience, too.

Ready to take the first step towards balancing your hormones naturally? Head over to Ladywell for targeted hormonal support, and get 20% off with the code: RIBBON20.

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