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Planning fertility treatment abroad – what’s the latest to know, in 2024?

Emma Harpham in partnership with Fertility Clinics Abroad  |   7 May 2024

Cost. Accessibility. Clinic fit. There are so many really valid reasons that we might decide to opt for fertility treatment abroad. 

Exactly how many of us are currently travelling for treatment is unknown, but one thing is clear – the number is on the up. 

And for everything to know about fertility treatment abroad in 2024, we’ve turned to the team who knows, at Fertility Clinics Abroad

They’ve helped put together the IVF Abroad Guide – the most up-to-date, impartial and unbiased guide for patients looking for IVF treatment options abroad, comparing 12 of the popular destinations in Europe.

For all the must-know considerations for choosing a destination, plus sneak peeks into what you’ll get in the guide – keep reading.


Making the decision to have fertility treatment abroad

Deciding to pursue fertility treatment abroad can feel like navigating a maze of different factors – each deeply personal and often influenced by specific circumstances.

This could look like access to advanced procedures not available locally, like preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) or having certain, specialised, donor options in mind.

Plus, things like shorter wait times, legal restrictions, or even a desire for a fresh start and second opinion might all influence your decision-making process, too.

But what should we be keeping in mind in particular, in 2024?

5 things to keep in mind right now, when looking at treatment destinations

1. Country popularity

The most popular destinations in 2024 should have well-established fertility clinics with experienced professionals and advanced facilities as a baseline, meaning you’ll get a higher standard of care and tailored treatment. 

Also, clinics in popular countries may have more extensive experience dealing with international patients, making the process smoother for you in terms of communication, logistics, and tailored support services.

2. IVF abroad success rates 

Considering success rates is crucial when choosing IVF treatment abroad – and something that’s worth approaching with a careful eye.

Many factors can impact the success of fertility treatment, and the experience level of doctors,  treatment tailoring, and using own or donor eggs can all play a role, aside from the clinic itself. 

Understanding success rates and doing your research will help you manage your expectations realistically and make informed decisions about your treatment options abroad.


3. Local laws

In 2024, laws and regulations regarding assisted reproductive technologies still vary significantly between countries.

These can look like restrictions on the types of treatments available, eligibility criteria with the potential to impact solo mums and LGBTQ+ intended parents, age restrictions, and other legal provisions for intended parents and donors (more on this below).

Getting in the know about local laws means you’ll be able to make sure that you’ll receive the best care that’s not only ethical but also aligned with the latest guidelines.

4. Treatment costs

Financial considerations are probably top of mind for you, especially given the rising costs of IVF treatments in 2024.

Looking to have treatment abroad is so often the more affordable option, even when factoring in travel expenses. 

By researching and comparing costs across different countries, you can identify the most cost-effective options for you, without compromising on the quality of care.

5. Donor types and availability

If you’re looking into donor conception, it’s worth considering donor types and availability when choosing IVF treatment abroad. 

Each family-building journey is unique, so it can be good to think about whether full transparency of donor information is more or less important for you. Read up on anonymous vs. open donors and the latest must-knows, if you’re not quite sure yet.

Different countries will have varying regulations and donor availability, so finding the right fit for your preferences and needs will mean that effective treatment planning and personalised care are factored into your treatment abroad. 

The IVF abroad guide to bookmark, before you book in

With all of these nuances to keep in mind right now, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to finding the right destination, and booking in with a clinic. 

The IVF Abroad Patient’s Guide neatly wraps up all of the key info to support your decision-making process, all in one place.

Knowing that these things aren’t always black and white, the latest 4th edition is completely free to download, and offers an easy-to-digest, impartial summary of all the latest must-knows, when you’re thinking about travelling for IVF treatment abroad.

From costs and success rates to legislation regulating medically assisted reproduction in twelve European countries, it’s all in there.

And it’s exactly the sort of thing that team TRB wish we had, back when those of us needing support were stuck with scrolling through endless forums and search pages to learn about our options. 


Breaking down the latest guidance and resources, you’ll be able to access;

  • A detailed country comparison of 12 leading destinations -Spain, Czech Republic, North Cyprus, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Denmark, Georgia and Turkey
  • IVF law and regulations broken down by country
  • Treatment costs for IVF, egg donation, embryo donation and egg freezing
  • Success rates – IVF and egg donation compared 
  • IVF country popularity – based on real patient surveys  

Download the IVF Abroad Guide for free today to access all of this support in one 110-page PDF – and let us know how you get on. You’re in control of your journey, and you’ve got this.

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