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Are You Doing Everything You Can to Try to Conceive?

Holly Pigache  |  31 Mar 2022

We asked our fertility community: What have you tried when TTC?

Your answers flooded in. Following a fertility-friendly diet? Of course! Taking fertility supplements? Yep. Timed intercourse? Yes. Applying conception gels? Check. Quit smoking and drinking? You bet. Tracking fertility and ovulation? Absolutely.

For some of us, we’ve tried all this and more to conceive and we’re still not pregnant. (You can join FHH’s free, supportive community of others TTC, here.)

As medical reasons only account for 70% of fertility problems in both men and women, it’s possible there are no clear reasons why you can’t get pregnant. So what do you do if you’re in the 30% of people with unexplained fertility problems? Is there something you’re missing? What if there was a way you could get personalised recommendations in the palm of your hand to boost your fertility? 

Leeaf is an all-in-one app for optimising your fertility, maximising chances of natural conception and planning fertility treatment. Keep track of your personal fertility notes and read shared stories and fertility advice, all accessible on the go. Check out Leeaf’s profile here and follow this link to visit their website.

Read on to learn about how Leeaf can support your fertility journey and offer personalised tips to boost your chances of getting pregnant.

By Holly Pigache

Is there something I haven’t tried?

Unexplained infertility can be deeply frustrating and upsetting, particularly when you believe you’re doing everything you can to optimise your fertility. 

Here’s what our fertility community has tried to get pregnant:

Conception gels

Castor oil packs

Tracking basal body temperature, ovulation and cycles

Timing intercourse

85% of our community has tried having sex in different positions

“Not trying”

Decreasing stress

Quitting smoking

Cutting down on alcohol

Losing weight

Fertility vitamins and supplements

Clean eating

85% of our community has been following a fertility-friendly diet

Working with a functional nutritionist

Taking Clomid, having IVF, IUI, ICSI and using donor sperm, eggs and embryos

Herbal remedies

Drinking pomegranate juice and eating pineapple cores

50% of our community has had acupuncture to boost fertility

28% of our community has tried fertility yoga when TTC

Fertility massage and reflexology

Fertility cleanse

If you’re following all this generic advice on how to get pregnant with no luck, you might be considering fertility treatment. But before you do so, try following personalised recommendations by downloading the Leeaf app.

One of our users is 40 years old and suffered numerous failed cycles. She found writing about her experiences helped to take her mind off her repeated failed fertility treatment. She is now a mother and we couldn’t be happier for her.

Let Leeaf be your guide

With the Leeaf app, users are guided through each stage of trying to conceive. From TTC naturally to fertility treatment, in-app information is freely accessible, providing everything you need to improve your chances of conception. 

Check out the in-app Leeafpedia to learn key fertility facts, what to expect at each stage of your fertility journey and understand the lingo. You can also read ways to boost your mind and body for fertility and discover the science behind conception tips in the Guide.

Learn more: How can Leeaf support my fertility journey?

Personalised recommendations

Filling in your current health profile allows the Leeaf app to suggest tailored tips on optimising your fertility. Receive food advice, ideas for meal plans, recommendations on vitamins to supplement, and so much more. Get gentle reminders to stay on track with your fertility and benefit from weekly reports about your progress so you know you are doing everything you can to get pregnant – before embarking on fertility treatment.  

It’s easy to receive personalised recommendations:

  • Enter your medical information
  • Where relevant, fill in your partner’s medical information
  • Log your diet and lifestyle in the Leeaf journal
  • Store your TTC journey in one place for your fertility specialist
  • Use this personalised information to make informed decisions
Fertility Help

The story of Leeaf

Designed for you, from a place of experience

As is often the case, the best ideas come from personal experience. Five years ago, the CEO and Founder of Leeaf (Jan Choma) was gifted with his son after 12 failed cycles of IVF. With a background in IT and previously working for IBM, Jan decided to tackle fertility and conception systematically. 

Early on, the Leeaf team sought to understand how AI (and image processing specifically) can help with selecting the best embryo and analysing the growth of each embryo at each stage.

The image processing technology is fast-developing and used in many fertility clinics. Selecting the right embryo is a great skill, but if there are too few embryos or none at all, earlier problems need to be addressed. An early question the Leeaf development team had was: How can AI improve the chances of having a greater number of healthier embryos and oocytes?

From where we stand, it is clear that each fertility treatment has to be personalised to the finest detail. Asking questions about a couple’s health profile allows us to provide personal advice.

Where do Leeaf’s fertility tips come from?

To understand how the 30% of people struggling to conceive without medical complications can improve their fertility, the team at Leeaf shadows fertility specialists. Frequently, doctors report encountering couples who have been trying to conceive naturally for years, with no success – despite them both living a healthy lifestyle. 

“In our research, we have spoken with many doctors. Some say they can predict the success of fertility treatment, just on the observed behaviour the couple exhibits towards one another, suggesting the negative impact of stress [on fertility]. Other fertility specialists perform a deeper analysis of intended parents’ eating habits and focus on improving men’s sperm and women’s BMI by boosting their metabolism with essential fertility vitamins and supplements. [The doctors report those with a fertility-friendly diet] react better to fertility treatment.”

Leeaf uses real-life research as a foundation for the fertility-boosting tips it recommends. Advice that’s come from fertility specialists and that has helped other people get pregnant and might help you, too.

How can Leeaf support me in the future?

To further support you on your fertility journey, Leeaf has some exciting app developments in the pipeline, to be released over the coming months.

  1. The app will have the functionality to connect with your Apple Health app for a more streamlined approach to your health, wellness and fertility.
  2. You’ll be able to share all your fertility data with your fertility doctor via one link. 
  3. Full integration with fertility clinics and clinical trials on what determines the success of conception and pregnancy.

As fertility treatment can be an emotional and financial burden, it’s helpful to know we’ve done everything we can in an effort to build our family before we seek help from a fertility clinic. Download the Leeaf app, input your data and see how personalised recommendations can boost your chances of conception.

Download and try Leeaf for free now.  Click here for Apple downloads and to download on Android, click here.

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