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Egg donation in Spain – what to know

Eloise Edington  |   15 Aug 2023

Looking into egg donation in Spain?

If you’re navigating the intricate paths of fertility treatments, you’ve likely encountered the term ‘egg donation’ as a beacon of hope.

And Spain, renowned for its progressive approach to assisted reproductive technologies, is emerging as a destination of choice for individuals and couples seeking to expand their families through egg donation.

Watch as we delve into the process of egg donation in Spain, shedding light on how one of Europe’s benchmark clinics – Eugin – selects donors, the intricate steps involved in utilizing donor eggs, and the unique aspects that characterize the Spanish approach to this remarkable journey.

How does Eugin choose a donor?

“Egg donors must be anonymous according to Spanish law, and the number of donations a woman can make is limited to six cycles.”

“Donors must be between 18 and 34 years old, and go through various medical checks including a complete blood test, gynecological exam, and rigourous genetic testing.”

Watch to learn more about how Eugin chooses donors for their 15,000 donor-strong Eudona egg programme.

What is the process of using donor eggs at Eugin?

“First, we have a first appointment to check medical history. Then we select the donor from our specific in-house program and we test them here and follow their ovarian stimulation.”

“Then we match each donor with each recipient regarding physical characteristics and genetic matching”

How does egg donation in Spain work?

“Spain offers excellent care options, as well as the benefits of the latest technology and very competitive prices.”

Eugin has been receiving patients from 78 countries to their clinics in Spain since 1998, and their egg donation programme is renowned in Europe.

This vast expertise has given them the tools to support complex fertility needs and offer the most cutting-edge treatments.

In the realm of fertility treatments, the concept of egg donation in Spain encapsulates a story of compassion, science, and the shared dream of creating families.

We’ve journeyed through the intricate process of selecting a donor, understanding the steps involved in utilizing donor eggs, and delving into the Spanish framework that underpins this journey.

The Eugin team have many years of experience with international patients – the entire team speaks fluent English, and patients can also be attended in their native languages.

Take the first step with Eugin today – connect with their team for customised treatment and world-leading care, 24 hours a day.

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