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Your questions about the egg donor recipient process, and finding your match

Emma Harpham, in partnership with Cofertility  |   19 Mar 2024

The egg donor recipient process – getting started

Looking into donor eggs as part of your family-building journey? Check off these questions to help you learn more about the egg donor recipient process.

For expert answers, we’ve turned to Cofertility. Their Family by Co platform is a no-cash compensation egg sharing model gives intended parents a more ethical, transparent option for growing their family with donor eggs.

Watch as their CEO and Co-Founder Lauren Makler covers off your most asked questions.

1. What is egg sharing?

Egg sharing – in a nutshell – involves a scenario where someone going through an egg retrieval contributes some of the eggs retrieved to someone else, while retaining some for her own family planning.

This is a fresh take on ‘traditional’ egg donation, where all eggs from a donor are exclusively reserved for intended parents and individuals.

Lauren explains;

“At Cofertility we’re reinventing the egg donation experience in a way that’s more thoughtful, human centered, and ethical for everyone involved.

Rather than traditional cash compensation for the donor, they keep half of the eggs retrieved for their future use while giving the other half to your family.”

2. What are the benefits of using donor eggs?

Interested in learning more about the benefits of donor eggs? Cofertility is rewriting the egg freezing and egg donation experience with their unique egg sharing model.

Watch as Lauren explains;

“There are so many benefits to using donor eggs when the time comes. At every age, the chances of birth with donor eggs are better.

Those who benefit the most from donor eggs:

  • Women over 35
  • Women with low ovarian reserve
  • LGBTQ+ couples who wish to have a child genetically related to one of them
  • Single parents by choice looking to grow their family through egg donation

Recent studies have shown 1/4 of women over 40, who succeeded with IVF, did so through the use of donor eggs.”

3. What should I look for in an egg donor?

The egg donor recipient process of choosing a donor is, of course, a super personal experience – and can be challenging. Finding your perfect match can be made much smoother by using a network like Cofertility.

Lauren explains;

“At Cofertility, we love working with intended parents to make the process easier and help them find their perfect match.

Here are some of the questions we ask intended parents at the beginning of their search:

  1. What traits are most important to you in the donor selection process?
  2. Do you want a match with a donor who has specific physical characteristics
  3. Are you hoping to match with a donor of a specific heritage or ethnicity?
  4. Are you looking for a donor with particular personality traits, hobbies, or professional goals?”

Got more questions about the egg donor recipient process?

The Family by Co platform honors families and egg donors with a thoughtful, human-centered matching experience with dedicated support every step of the way.

With ethics and transparency at the heart of what they do, they believe matching you with an egg donor should never feel like ‘shopping’ for another human.

Ready to explore their range of donor profiles? Connect with Cofertility – they’re here to help you find your match, offering a you-centered approach, baby guarantee, and lifetime support.

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