WTF are liposomes? The fertility boosting supplements you might not have heard of

Emma Harpham in partnership with Naître  |   7 May 2024

Here at team TRB, we’ll be the first to admit that we love getting into the nitty gritty, when it comes to our fertility boosting supplements

So, the latest advances in formulation and bioavailability are two things we can always get genuinely excited about. Because we know that when you’re trying to conceive (TTC), your nutrition can be a real game changer for knowing you’re doing all you can to give yourself pinpoint-precise baseline support. 

But, what’s new in fertility supplement formulation to know, in 2024? And what exactly is behind the buzz, when it comes to liposomes

We’ve partnered with the team at Naître to unpack it all. Their one-a-day liquid liposomal supplement shots are the world’s most advanced right now, and, backed by science, they help prep your body for pregnancy whilst nourishing you and your partner’s reproductive health.

Together, we’ll delve into liposomal fertility boosting supplements, exploring the science behind liposomal delivery and the benefits for you and your partner.

Over to the Naître team.

Why we should be talking about bioavailability, when it comes to fertility boosting supplements

When it comes to fertility, the bioavailability of nutrients plays a crucial role, particularly for those that are water-soluble and easily lost or degraded. 

Many of the existing capsule and tablet forms only actually have around 5 to 10% active ingredients with the rest being made up of fillers, binders and anticaking agents (to stop production machines clogging up) – that’s a lot of unwanted extras!

And whilst these hidden additives aren’t usually directly harmful to your health, they can mean you’re at risk of not getting the nutrients you need to support your fertility.

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What are liposomes, and what is liposomal formulation?

So, what is liposomal formulation

Imagine liposomes as tiny, bubble-like carriers. They’re made from the same material as our cell membranes, making them perfect for transporting nutrients directly into our cells. 

Now, when we talk about liposomal formulation, think of it as a special way of packing vitamins and minerals into these tiny bubbles. 

This method is super effective because it protects these nutrients as they travel through our body, ensuring they reach where they’re needed most without losing their potency.

Liposomal absorption – how does it work, and what makes it so unique?

What makes liposomes truly unique is their absorption superpower

When you take a regular supplement, it has to navigate through your digestive system, and sometimes, a lot of the good stuff gets lost along the way, destroyed by harmful stomach acids or simply flushed away.

Liposomes change the game. They cleverly merge with our cells, releasing their nutrient cargo directly inside. This means you get more of the benefits from each supplement – like a direct delivery service for your cells!

How do liposomes contribute to better fertility supplementation?

Fertility support requires specific nutrients for both men and women (more on this later). 

And, studies like this one show that 90% of women trying for a baby are lacking essential nutrients, as well as highlighting the importance of micronutrients in fertility – in short, the evidence is clear.

By combining these vital nutrients with liposomal delivery, we’re not just supporting fertility; we’re optimising it with the best of science and nature, by delivering these nutrients effectively. Check out this study on liposomal Vitamin C, for more on this.

This advanced delivery system minimises nutrient loss, providing targeted support, and enhancing the chances of conception with superior bioavailability.

What are the best liposomal supplements for fertility support, in men and women?

It’s important to remember that men and women have different needs when it comes to fertility. 

For her

For women, key vitamins such as Folate and Vitamin B12, crucial for ovulation and hormonal regulation, often struggle to reach their full potential due to poor absorption. 

Liposomal supplements encapsulate these nutrients, ensuring they are delivered efficiently and effectively to the body. 

liposomal fertility boosting supplements for women

For him

Men’s supplements focus more on minerals that support healthy sperm. However, essential nutrients like Vitamin C and Zinc (both pivotal for sperm quality and testosterone levels) can often be lost during digestion.

Again, this is where tailored liposomal supplements can provide this targeted support.

liposomal supplements for men

Selecting the best liposomal supplements for fertility – what else should we look for? 

Not all supplements are created equal. And when you’re looking for the best liposomal supplements, especially for fertility, you want to make sure you’re getting the highest quality. 

Check the label, for things like;

  • The size of the liposomes
  • How well the product explains its absorption benefits
  • The purity of ingredients 

The right choice will ensure that you’re getting the most out of these powerful little nutrient carriers.

Note – Naître’s liposomal supplements are entirely formulated with clean, ethically sourced ingredients and herbal substances, making them gentle on the stomach (and the environment!) whilst packing a fertility punch.

The wrap on liposomal supplements for fertility 

That’s the 101 on liposomal fertility boosting supplements! A real game changer for getting peace of mind when you’re wanting to nail the nutrition side of your family-building journey, we think.

Keen to try them out? Hop over to Naître, explore their range for men and women (we love that they have a pack for couples plus handy subscription options, too!) and make their one-a-day liquid liposome sachets a part of your fertility toolkit.

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