Fertility Bracelets – What are They and How Can They Help Your Fertility

Eloise Edington  |   31 Jul 2020

When you search for fertility aids on every fertility blog, you’re met with all sorts of products and treatments that can be overwhelming and just a bit confusing, if we’re honest! Here at The Ribbon Box we’ve decided to explore fertility bracelets as part of our commitment to holistic wellbeing, so you can decide if they might help you on your trying to conceive journey. You may have heard of them before, or maybe you haven’t, and they certainly aren’t for everyone. But lots of women online swear by their mental and perhaps physical benefits, so let’s dive in…

So, What Are Fertility Bracelets?

To start, there are two types of fertility bracelet. There are the electronic type that are reminiscent of a smart watch, such as the Ava (an ovulation tracking device). Then there are the daintier, non-electronic type that include specific gem stones and good luck charms. For this article we’re focussing on the latter that are fairly inexpensive and accessible. Sometimes made up of stones and crystals that are thought to relate to increasing fertility, they may work as mental and physical aids to your journey.

Where Are They From?

Fertility bracelets are not new! For millennia, people from all different civilisations have used charms, jewellery and precious stones to promote fertility and encourage healthy reproduction. In Ancient Egypt it was common to use Red Jasper as a fertility stone, as they believed it was related to their goddess Mother Isis. Similarly, Jasper was used in Roman and Ancient Greek cultures to ensure safe labour and childbirth. Ancient Chinese jewellery for weddings would have red stones that represented fertility. They also had jade – known for its beauty and protective qualities – carved into peanuts to promote fertility. Perhaps most commonly referenced in modern fertility jewellery, is that made by the Hopi and other Native American tribes found in South Western America. This jewellery is based around Kokopelli who is a travelling figure who is thought to bring fertility to both women and the land.

Although many ancient and modern practices might not be immediately known to you as fertility aids, it shows the long history behind this sort of practice and how it has spread globally. Indeed, it’s important to remember when looking into fertility bracelets from cultures that aren’t your own, you truly do need to do your research so that you engage with the practices respectfully and deeply. However, lots of modern bracelets (and fertility bracelets) take inspiration from different cultures and from more recent studies into the healing properties of rocks and gems.

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How Do They Aid Fertility?

There are two main ways that fertility bracelets are thought to aid fertility: mentally and physically.

A Mental Aid

Fertility bracelets can be a reminder to stay strong in your trying to conceive journey. Perhaps with calming colours and a small charm, it’s a constant you can wear everyday that helps you feel supported. Especially if say your best friend, or partner, or family member gifts it to you, it can be there to help you remember all the people who love you and are willing you to succeed. Some can even provide a very practical purpose as, through different coloured stones or additions of small rings, they can help map out when your fertile days are. Finally – fertility bracelets can be so beautiful, perhaps just get one for yourself as a pick-me-up!

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Their Physical Effects

As we mentioned earlier in the article, for millennia different cultures and peoples have believed that certain crystals and stones have healing properties. It is this theory of healing crystals that lies behind these bracelets having positive physical benefits alongside the psychological help. Each gem is said to have its own specific impact on fertility. Here are some of the most popular.

  • Rose Quartz is one of the most commonly used fertility stones. Light pink in colour, it’s said to be good for balancing hormones, encouraging intimacy and protecting the reproductive organs.
  • Amethyst is seen as an energising stone that also promotes the production of reproductive hormones. Some also say that it protects the wearer from bad luck.
  • Unakite is a beautiful stone of pink and green that is a type of jasper. It’s meant to be calming and promote a safe pregnancy – apparently many doulas request Unakite to be in the room whilst a woman gives birth! The blending of the colours is said to symbolise the strong relationship between a mother and child.
  • Moonstone is one that is also meant to welcome in calming and balancing energies. The moon has long been a symbol of fertility in many cultures due to its relationship with the menstrual cycle and the tides. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the related stone is known to be important for fertility! It is said to regulate your cycle and attract love to the wearer with a strong feminine energy.
  • Red Carnelian is said to promote vitality and fertility. Specifically, it is said to have a very positive impact on the reproductive organs of both sexes.
  • Emerald has long been associated with aiding conception and protecting a pregnant woman. It’s said to be restorative and many cultures, including some parts of Hinduism, believe it represents strong and mature love.

Where Can I Get Them?

There are lots of online retailers that sell fertility bracelets, where you can also find out more about the wide range of stones they use and what they specifically recommend for you. One we found was Sun and Moon in Jewels that have a wide range of fertility bracelets, including those for PCOS, male infertility and IVF. Another place to look is Etsy. With bracelets from all different sellers, there’s a wide range of cultures and influences that come together. What’s particularly popular on Etsy are fertility bracelets that don’t include healing crystals but are purely discreet good luck charms. It’s also worth looking in local independent shops that sell gems and stones – you might be able to ask an expert face to face.

So are fertility bracelets for you? There isn’t scientific evidence to back up their physical benefits but lots of women throughout time have sworn by them. They are beautiful and, as many women say, they can’t hurt and may just be the helping hand you need when trying to conceive.

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