The best-selling Boots, Amazon & Ocado fertility supplement isn’t a patch on this one (which is just as easy to find)

Emma Harpham in partnership with Proceive®  |   17 Apr 2024

If you’re thinking about picking up a best-seller fertility supplement, you’d be forgiven for assuming that you’re going to get everything your body needs to prepare for conception.

But, this isn’t always the case. In fact, not all fertility supplements are created equal – by a long shot.

A quick scan of the label on a fair few of the leading supermarket and high-street fertility supplements UK brands, and you might see added flow agents and bulkers alongside your key nutrients, plus formulations with little bit of everything and not enough of what matters, lacking the right dosage to pack any real fertility punch.

A tailored pre-conception supplement – scientifically formulated – with no added nasties

Proceive®’s range of fertility and pregnancy support supplements is award-winning – and for good reason. 

Zooming in on their Proceive® Max Women product, specifically formulated to support the nutritional needs of women over 35 when trying for a baby (as well as those aged between 18 and 35 who have been trying to conceive for a year or more) it’s clearly designed to be a real game changer for egg quality, as well as womb preparation and hormone regulation.  

Based on scientific research by fertility experts using a wide range of clinical studies, it packs 2,961mg of 33 carefully selected amino acids, vitamins and minerals. That includes the recommended 400ug of folic acid in the L-Methylfolate form, too. 


In case it wasn’t obvious, we’re a bit obsessed with getting into the nitty gritty with our supplements at TRB. 

Read on for our take, and to see how Proceive® Max Women shapes up next to the brand-leading female fertility supplement. 

Spoiler – we’re really, really impressed.

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The importance of specific, targeted fertility supplement support

It probably won’t be news to you that targeted supplement support is key for female fertility – and this is especially true for egg quality. 

The process of cells in a tiny follicle being initiated until it matures into a viable egg ready for ovulation typically takes around 3 to 5 months. These cells are exposed to absolutely everything we do – from our eating and sleeping habits to drinking, smoking and even our stress levels.

During this time, the ovaries host follicles at various stages of development, undergoing a rigorous maturation process that demands a not insubstantial level of energy from our bodies. 

At the end of the process, only the highest-quality egg will be chosen for ovulation. 

This process highlights the importance of top-notch nutrient support throughout the entire follicular development period, from start to finish.

Where does age come into the picture?

As we age, the need for nutritional support becomes even more critical. 

Scientific research has shown the increased requirement for nutrients as we grow older, particularly to support our fertility. 

Our ovarian reserve (aka. the number of eggs we have left in our ovaries) decreases over time, meaning that focusing on egg quality and health is a must when we’re trying to conceive. 

Another good example is the key micronutrient Co-Q10 – essential for fertility, cell growth and maintenance through providing both mitochondrial and antioxidant support, it also naturally reduces as we age.

We can make sure we’re eating a balanced and healthy diet and keeping our eye on our lifestyle choices to support all of this but it can feel difficult when life gets busy – pairing this with a fertility supplement backstop means you’ll know you’ve covered all bases.

proceive women fertility supplement comparison

What to look for on the label (and how Proceive® Max Women stacks up)

So, how does Proceive® Max Women address these key fertility needs, in comparison to the leading high-street brand? We’ve compared the labels – so you don’t have to. 

Here’s our rundown.

1. A comprehensive, tailored formula

First things first, a really precise and comprehensive formulation is something to watch out for – and check off your list. 

Proceive® Max Women: Has a tailored formula which contains 33 key nutrients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and CoQ10, in a one-a-day sachet form. Given the importance of age and stage when we’re TTC, Proceive® Max Women is scientifically formulated for those who have been trying to conceive for over 12 months and/or those who are over 35 years of age.

If you are under 35 and trying to conceive Proceive® Women has you covered, with 28 key nutrients.

Brand leader: Contains just 22 vitamins and minerals in much lower dose levels.

2. High-strength micronutrients

Speaking of nutrients, ensuring you’re getting the right quantities is key too.

For context, Proceive® Max Women has a total nutrient strength of 2,961mg per daily dose. This is the highest on the market, compared to the high-street brand leader which has a total of just 436mg.

Here’s the breakdown of some of the most crucial nutrients.


3. Bioavailable nutrient forms

When we’re talking bioavailability, we mean how easily nutrients can be absorbed by our bodies. 

Take folate, for example. This B vitamin is an essential nutrient that supports neural tube development in early pregnancy. This is why it’s an important nutrient to look for in a fertility or conception supplement, too.

Women who are trying to conceive are recommended to take 400µg of folate daily. And when we’re choosing supplements, it all comes down to form.

Proceive® Max Women: Contains folic acid as L-Methylfolate. This is a natural, active form of folic acid that is well absorbed by our bodies, and is MTHFR-gene friendly. 

Brand leader: Contains folic acid as Pteroylmonoglutamic Acid. This is a synthetic form of folic acid, and is not so easily absorbed by our bodies.

4. No added nasties

Looking for additives on your supplement label is a must. And whilst these hidden extras aren’t usually directly harmful to your health, they can mean you’re at risk of not getting the nutrients you need.

Proceive® Max Women: Completely free from fillers, binders and artificial colours. Plus, the formula is suitable for vegans, too.

Brand leader: Has a host of other additives including Talc, Maltodextrin, the bulking agent Microcrystalline Cellulose, Polydextrose, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Glycerin, as well as added colours. It also contains soya, which some people are not happy taking.


Let’s talk Trimester Zero

All in all, the label paints a really impressive picture. But what else should we know about getting our supplementation right?

Proceive® takes the view that we should look at pregnancy as a 12-month process, incorporating the months before conception when the cells that go on to become the baby are being created. 

As we’ve mentioned, egg cells develop from immature follicles to mature cells ready to ovulate in around 3 months. Team Proceive® call this Trimester Zero, and recommend you take Proceive® Women for these 3 months at least, and continue for as long as required. 

Editor’s tip: They also recommend pairing Proceive® Max Women with Proceive® Conception Omega 3 if you don’t usually eat oily fish twice a week. It provides high strength, pure EPA and DHA omega 3s that are crucial for our fertility, at optimum dosage levels.

Is Proceive® really just as easy to find?

In a word – yes! 

And for us, this is the cherry on top that makes choosing a fertility supplement like Proceive® a no-brainer. 

You can place an order on their website, plus find them online or in-store at almost every leading brand stockist, including:

So if you’re looking for a tailored fertility supplement with an egg quality focus that tops the leading high-street brand on formulation, ingredients and bioavailability, just pop ‘Proceive’ into the search bar.

Want to get started? TRB readers in the UK can enjoy 3 for 2 on the entire Proceive® supplement range (including Proceive® Women and Proceive® Max Women) in TRB-fave Holland & Barrett, right now.*

*Offer available from 10 April – 8 May 2024

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