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3 IVF couriers lift the lid on the embryo, egg and sperm transportation process

Emma Harpham, in partnership with ARKCryo  |   8 Mar 2024

The best IVF couriers start with their people

Whether you’re considering donor conception to build your family, or you’re switching IVF clinics and wanting to move your own gametes, you might have started to explore the world of cryo shippers and the best IVF couriers to call on, at short notice.

Curious about what happens during the embryo, egg, and sperm transportation process?

Step into the world of three IVF couriers from ARKCryo, and watch as they unveil the behind-the-scenes of this crucial process.

From safeguarding delicate cargo to navigating logistics with precision, these unsung heroes are pros at ensuring the safe passage of your life-changing materials.

Want to learn more? Connect with the ARKCryo team for more information on their processes, pricing and shipping guarantees.

Plus, you’ll get a 10% discount on your order, if you book in your transport.

Now, let’s get into it.

What materials do ARKCryo IVF couriers ship? How much can be transported?

When it comes to delivering your valuable samples worldwide, Victoria is just one of the medical couriers at ARKCryo who are ready to assist you.

“As medical couriers, we provide international transportation services for biomaterials including;

  • frozen embryos
  • sperm samples
  • frozen eggs
  • blood samples
  • stem cells

We take the best care of the reproductive cells and make sure they’re transported according to the safest practices.

Most importantly, your samples never undergo X-rays​ and can track your shipment during the entire delivery.”

Are my embryos, eggs and sperm safe whilst travelling?

Vlad, another IVF courier, shares;

“All our medical couriers are well-trained.

Our team ensure your materials aren’t exposed to x-rays, and have all documents on hand for a smooth delivery.

They know the IATA regulations, how to use the cryo shipper and monitor your sample’s temperature in real-time to ensure all necessary conditions are met.

You can be sure your precious biomaterials are safe and in the right hands.”

Cargo shipping vs hand carrying your gametes

What’s the difference between cargo shipping your gametes, and choosing a hand carry option?

Watch our short guide;

  • Cargo transportation involves traditional methods like commercial trucks, trains, or airplanes, where the containers are typically consolidated with other shipments. It’s standard practice for larger quantities and less time-sensitive deliveries.
  • Hand-carry transportation is a more personalized approach. A medical courier personally accompanies the sample container and guarantees utmost security and integrity throughout the journey.

Your preferred option is a choice that’s completely personal to you, and your cryo shipping provider should be on hand to support you in making that decision in the most informed way possible.

When it comes to choosing IVF couriers, ARKCryo is world-leading on all fronts

When you’re looking for cryo shipping services with top notch IVF couriers, peace of mind from knowing that your precious cargo is safe should come at the top of your checklist.

For more info on shipping your gametes, do reach out to ARKCryo today.

They provide reliable, safe, and secure services, regardless of the transportation method you choose, placing convenience, efficiency, and, most importantly, the utmost care for your gametes at the forefront.

Remember, you can get 10% off your order once you’re booked in.

Want to hear more from ARKCryo? Check out their library of resources on all things cryo shipping below

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