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Leeaf: the data-driven fertility health platform redefining clinic efficiency

Jessie Day, in partnership with Leeaf  |   16 Nov 2023

Digitizing core medical processes, for unrivaled in-clinic efficiency.

As we head into 2024, clinics and patients around the world are eyeing Leeaf. 

For patients, this is tech that has the potential to transform their conception journey, with truly personalized treatment recommendations, seamlessly delivered to their physician, powered by cutting-edge data capability. For clinics, Leeaf delivers groundbreaking solutions to a number of big efficiency challenges.

Leeaf fertility app physician portal B2C

If you’re looking to level up in-clinic, this is tech that’s streets apart from the traditional approach to treatment decision making. Request a demo today, and catch up with new feature development and product news – plus, sector-defining research. They recently presented two research abstracts at The World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility (COGI) 2023 in Vienna, Austria. Read more at

Catching up with Leeaf CEO Olga Chabr Grillova, there’s an impressive pipeline of new product features and upcoming advancements for the close of 2023, too. Let’s unpack her need-to-knows for clinics, where enabling fertility treatment efficiency is the central goal.

A physician portal designed to power success rates

A useful physician portal is old hat for most practices. But aside from just the patient management aspects – either side of the desk, we’ve all been there with clunky comms and patient coordination – Leeaf delivers the tech to take this next-level

Aimed at growing fertility treatment success rates, beyond just managing the throughput, the Leeaf Physician Portal harnesses key functionalities, including: 

  • Tailored reporting, data visualization and processing
  • Treatment error prevention
  • Treatment selection and decision support 
  • Clinic workflow improvement tools
  • Research portal in development with clinic partners

Central to all of this is an unprecedented layer of global patient health information and data, which clinics and physicians get access to, via Leeaf’s cloud-based platform. Clinics working with patients using wearable health tech – they’ve just integrated with the Oura Health, for example – can now get: 

  • lifestyle-enriched patient profiles
  • precise patient health insight 
  • routes to hyper-personalized fertility treatment 

This type of information, gathered via an up-to-the-minute tech wearable, creates enriched patient profiles and insights, ripe for inclusion in clinical decision-making. 

Patient throughput and coordination, reimagined

With health and fertility insights collected prior to a patient’s arrival in clinic, Leeaf speeds up that traditionally clunky part of the onboarding process – it’s less reliance on anamnesis, and a patient’s own memory and recollection, more robust data streamlined and delivered direct to clinic. And, as a result, less time spent on accumulating information, more spent on consulting and planning treatment. 

A white label-ready patient mobile app sustains this efficiency (as patients, we’ve seen so many great intro sessions anticlimax with a disconnected admin process post-consult). The Leeaf version boosts up trust and a sense of collaboration, and as CEO Olga Chabr Grillova points out, 

‘increased patient adherence to treatment protocols. This pain point is something our clinical partners have put up with for years, and now in 2023 Leeaf is unlocking the tech to drive more consistent treatment planning, communication and outcomes.’

Hyper-personalized treatment planning

Don’t even bother being broad-brush in fertility care, from 2023. And if at all possible, skip personalized from your marcoms and make it hyper. Because hyper-personalization – whether you deliver it in-house or partnering with a sector leader like Leeaf – is increasingly what patients expect to get. 

Leeaf supports physicians with making these highly personalized and data-enhanced treatment decisions based on real-time patient insights. A quick demo will bring to life 360 degree patient profiles and tailored stimulation protocols, plus a glimpse of the tech delivering your rich data and AI-based insights.

Leeaf fertility app treatment guide and planner B2B

Finally, a patient app with meaning

In a world where IVF/fertility treatment apps are two-a-penny – or more – search IVF-app on Apple’s App Store right now and you’ll get around 400 plausible results – a patient app worth its upkeep needs to have a real, dynamic and helpful impact. 

The app developed by Leeaf – available as a white label for clinics worldwide – allows patients to keep track of their fertility health, treatment process, and stimulation protocols while connecting clinic and patient in real-time. It’s as seamless as it sounds (although much less simple), with that rich layer of data building up on a daily basis, providing physicians with much-needed insight, and patients with a more fluid, precision-personalized experience. 

2024 and beyond – trailblazing stimulation models and setting the bar for research

As we wrap our chat and talk learnings and the forward view for 2024, I ask what’s really exciting Leeaf CEO Olga Chabr Grillova at the close of this mega year for the company and clinical partners. She observes: 

“I’m excited to release our stimulation prediction model. Empowering clinics to move away from the traditional broad-brush templates currently in-use, towards an augmented follicle count model, is a huge step forward for both physicians and patients. This will be up and running in 2024, for our partners to jump in and start using.

We’re also always on the hunt and keen to work with clinics on observational study, furthering the success of 2023. It’s amazing to see these partnerships trailblazing data delivery across the female health and ART sectors globally – if you’d like your clinic to take part, do connect with myself and the team

Our recent prospective observational research study of biomarkers for personalized IVF treatment – specifically looking at environmental factors, based on historical data – has delivered really intriguing results, which we’re excited to publish in the near future. It’s something we’re incredibly proud of, and keen to deliver and utilize with clinics, across 2024 and beyond.”

Connect with Olga and team Leeaf today for all-things research, a demo of their software and clinic partnership details.

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