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Uterine lining and IVF embryo transfer – your questions answered

Emma Harpham  |   25 Jul 2023

Prepping and nurturing – your womb lining for IVF embryo transfer

Waiting for an embryo transfer? We’re here to shed light on the critical factor that can make all the difference – your womb lining.

Understanding your womb lining for IVF embryo transfer can feel really empowering as you embark on the journey. From the ongoing fresh vs frozen transfer debate to strategies for enhancing womb lining health after endometriosis surgery, watch as Dr. Tortoriello from Sher Fertility Solutions answers your questions.

He’ll lift the lid on optimal womb lining, the role of baby aspirin in transfers and the potential implications of EMMA / ALICE tests on implantation rates. He also shared some expert actionable advice for naturally improving your womb lining – tapping into some of the most cutting-edge tips to date.

Sher Fertility Solutions are at the forefront of modern fertility medicine in 2023, and pioneers in specialist fields of support. From their blog to in-person consults you’ll be in safe hands with this global authority on all things fertility.

Fresh vs. frozen transfers – what is the optimal womb lining for IVF embryo transfer?

“We’re always aiming for an optimal lining thickness and usually, as far as I’m concerned, nine millimeters or more is optimal. There’s no real reason to think that you can get away with a little bit less if the embryo transfers frozen versus fresh. So I have a standard that I try to meet every single time, regardless of frozen or fresh.”

Improve womb lining post-endometriosis surgery

“For a laparoscopy, you don’t actually do anything per se to the uterus. So theoretically there’s not very much to recuperate from, from a uterine lining perspective.

More complicated is the issue when women have adenomyosis. We would try to treat it hormonally, so you would minimize the inflammation in the uterine wall and theoretically help improve implantation.”

Is baby aspirin good or bad for transfer?

“Doctors have been looking at the role of baby aspirin in infertility for many years. Because baby aspirin is a very, very gentle blood thinner, they thought that slightly increased blood flow might facilitate development of the lining and might actually help implantation.

Truth be told, there is no conclusive data to show that it helps at all.”

Do EMMA / ALICE tests improve implantation rates?

“The EMMA and ALICE tests are a fairly new innovation in which you can analyze with a very, very high degree of sensitivity for the presence of certain bacteria in the endometrial microbiome.

The good thing about these tests is that you actually get the name of the bacteria present. So if you have the bacteria identified, then you can really hone and tailor the antibiotics that you use to go specifically for that.”

Tips for improving womb lining for IVF embryo transfer

“There are a few adjunctive techniques that we can use to try to help the lining of the uterus do a little bit better.

Thankfully, most women with a regular FET protocol will achieve a very good lining of at least nine millimeters or more.

There are women that for whatever reason, don’t really develop a very thick lining. For these women, normally we try some medical treatments, such as vaginal estrogen, and we try things like vaginal Viagra. Dr. Sher was the first person to actually investigate and prove that in a subset of women, it actually does make a difference.” 🌟

Optimal womb lining for embryo transfer

“We have traditionally always tried to get the uterine lining at least nine millimeters or more. I do think, that for every millimeter you drop below nine millimeters, you’re likely to get a decrement in the actual implantation rates.

So we always strive for nine millimeters. And if we don’t get it, then rather than transfer, we try to recalibrate and come back at it the next month with a different approach.”

Remember, your journey is unique, and by arming yourself with knowledge, you’re taking meaningful steps towards creating an environment that’s primed for new beginnings. Your embryo transfer marks a significant milestone – one filled with optimism, hope, and the promise of what’s to come.

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