There’s no right or wrong way to feel (and be), during fertility treatment

Emma Harpham  |   7 Jul 2023

The pursuit of parenthood can be both a beautiful and emotionally challenging experience. It’s crucial to remember that your emotional well-being matters just as much as the medical procedures involved, and managing your mental health during fertility treatment should be just as important.

Together with Dr Marie Prince, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at TFP Fertility UK, we’ll explore the psychological impact that treatment can have, offer valuable coping strategies, and provide a supportive space to help you prioritize your mental health throughout this transformative process.

Your mental health during fertility treatment – before, during & after

How to prepare for treatment mentally?

“There is no one way to do this. There is no right and no wrong way to navigate your fertility journey. Have a think about what works for you and then commit to putting that into practice.”

Managing stress during treatment

“Fertility treatment can be stressful. That’s okay. You can navigate a successful fertility journey and be stressed at the same time.”

How to manage opinions from friends & family

“I am here to remind you that you are allowed to set your own boundaries.

You are allowed to decide the conversations you do and do not want to have.

You are allowed to tell people what you need. You are also allowed to tell people what you do not need.”

How to pick the right fertility clinic

How will you know when you’ve found the right fertility clinic for you?

Who should be in your support system?

“Where do you go to for a laugh? Why do you go? For a shoulder to cry on? And who are those people that you can be open and vulnerable with?”

Embarking on fertility treatment can be an overwhelming endeavour, and we understand that the emotional toll can often be overlooked. As you open yourself up to a range of emotions – from hope and anticipation to fear and uncertainty – it’s vital to acknowledge and address these feelings.

Looking for more support? Connect with TFP Fertility UK today and get to know the options available to you.

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