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IVF in Dublin – behind the scenes at Thérapie Fertility Clinic

Emma Harpham, in partnership with Thérapie Fertility  |   7 Mar 2024

Meet the leading clinic for affordable, inclusive and accessible IVF in Dublin

For fertility treatment in Dublin, Ireland, Thérapie Fertility Clinic is fast becoming a top destination.

We caught up with their experienced team for a behind-the-scenes look into what goes on behind closed doors.

Discover the standard treatments offered, from IVF to egg freezing, tailored to your needs, and step into their cutting-edge lab where technology and state-of-the-art equipment ensure the highest quality care.

But it’s not just about technology either; it’s also the compassionate team that makes Thérapie Fertility special.

For a second opinion or initial chat, get in touch with their amazing team today – your first consultation will be free of charge.

What treatments are offered as standard at Therapie Fertility Clinic?

Introducing Melissa Mark, the Head of Nursing at Thérapie Fertility.

“We ensure that everything we’re doing is evidence-based. We’re making sure that we are only offering treatments that we know are safe, and we know work.

Thérapie is a nurse-led clinic, which means all initial consultations are carried out by the nurses – for free.”

Watch as Melissa talks through their range of treatment options, and why their leading success rates continue to exceed the HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority) average, across the board.

What technology is used in the Thérapie Fertility lab?

Thérapie Fertility is Ireland’s highest patient-rated fertility clinic, and you can see why when viewing their state-of-the-art lab facilities.

Their inclusive packages with zero hidden costs let you access everything you need, as standard.

Introducing Carol Loscher, the Embryology Lab Manager at Thérapie Fertility.

“One piece of equipment that we find of great benefit is the embryo scope incubator.

It keeps the temperature very stable, and the gas concentration stable. It also takes images of those embryos, every seven or so minutes allowing us to get a really clear picture of the development of the embryo

And that’s standard for all our patients at no additional cost.”

What’s the best thing about working at Thérapie Fertility Clinic?

Along with the most affordable IVF Ireland has to offer at the absolute highest quality, Thérapie Fertility‘s dedicated team really understand the complexities and challenges of fertility treatment.

Introducing Dr John Kennedy, the Medical Director at Thérapie Fertility.

“I always find myself going back to patient care, seeing patients, sharing their successes and really importantly, sharing their failures. That’s what I absolutely love about this job.

What I love about Thérapie Fertility is that there is a sense of belief here in the mission. The lab is brilliant, the staff we have are brilliant, and we have the success rates to substantiate what we’re doing.”

Want to hit go on IVF in Dublin? Make Thérapie Fertility Clinic your first choice

From standard treatments to cutting-edge lab procedures, you’ve seen the dedication of the team to supporting you on your fertility journey.

But beyond the tech, it’s the human touch that shines brightest – uncompromised, committed and compassionate care is what sets clinics like Thérapie Fertility apart from the rest.

Whether you’re considering IVF in Dublin or keen for an initial chat – book in with their team today for a free consult.

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