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Top 5 Considerations When Shipping Eggs and Sperm

Eloise Edington  |   17 May 2022

Have you ever wondered how your frozen eggs, sperm or embryos are shipped from your cryopreservation bank to your fertility clinic?

Or have you changed fertility clinics and thought about how your precious cargo is transported between clinics?

At FHH, we know that your frozen eggs, sperm and embryos are irreplaceable so it’s important to consider how your frozen gametes are shipped.

Here, we’ve spoken with the team at Cryoport about five important considerations when transporting frozen eggs, sperm and embryos. Cryoport specialize in supply chain logistics for human reproductive material and their CryoStork® IVF shipping services are the most reliable on the market. View their profile here and their website here.

Written by Holly Pigache

1. What is customer support like?

Fertility treatment can be stressful and the last thing you want to worry about is your precious reproductive material becoming lost in transit.

That’s why Cryoport is with you every step of the way from their easy ordering system to their careful delivery coordination with fertility clinics.

The 24-hour logistics team proactively monitors each frozen gamete shipment 24/7 and is immediately alerted should any problems arise. Alerts are addressed in near real-time with Cryoport couriers and the customer service team communicates with your fertility clinic so you’re not waiting at the clinic, wondering where your precious cargo is.

Find out how Cryoport can fulfil your IVF shipping needs by clicking here to request a quote.

Cryoport understands the financial burden of fertility treatment and the importance of your frozen sperm, eggs and embryos. Transportation insurance provides financial protection from those “just in case” scenarios during transit.

2. Is your precious cargo specially packed?

When transporting frozen eggs, sperm and embryos, it’s not as simple as putting the reproductive material in a chilled container. Packaging needs to be specially designed and the vehicle suitable for transporting frozen gametes.

Cryport only works with validated dry shipping containers that have been pre-treated with liquid nitrogen. Before each use, the dry shipping tank is rigorously tested to ensure it can keep reproductive material safely frozen for up to 10 days.

Your precious cargo is transported in advanced packaging with high-vacuum technology and temperature-controlled systems. When transporting frozen sperm, eggs and embryos, Cryoport monitors the temperature inside the packages as well as the temperature of the container and couriers are trained to respond accordingly.

3. Are the transportation staff fully trained to handle your precious cargo?

All Cryoport staff are highly trained to deal with reproductive materials. The customer care team are uniquely positioned to minimize the chances of complications in transit and is equipped with the tools to deal with any problems that might occur.

Team members handling your precious cargo are highly qualified to transport your reproductive materials, and can be transported on a one-to-one handling basis with a single focus throughout the entire process. Together, this limits the risk of damage and loss of your irreplaceable cargo.

4. Are your frozen eggs, sperm and embryos tracked between fertility clinics?

Be reassured that your precious cargo is carefully observed by Cryoport team members across a variety of metrics:

  • Location
  • Pressure
  • Orientation
  • Temperature
  • Tampering
  • Shock
  • Humidity

The SmartPak II® automated alert system monitors the shipment 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year so the team know both the conditions and location of your valuable reproductive materials throughout the entire shipment process.

Cryoport’s team communicate with the fertility clinics to ensure your frozen gametes arrive at the clinic in time for fertility treatment – and at a time when there is someone at the clinic to receive them! To do this, they use near real-time tracking via GPS, cellular and Wi-Fi triangulation, so the Cryoport team know the exact location of your frozen eggs, sperm and embryos.

This careful coordination means your fertility treatment won’t be delayed because you’re waiting on frozen sperm, eggs or embryos so you can focus on preparing for your treatment, not worrying about logistics.

5. Is the cryopreservation transport company experienced?

The Cryport team has over 10 years of experience shipping reproductive materials across the globe and has transported over 525,000 shipments to over 150 countries. No matter where your cargo is going, with Cryoport you can be confident your reproductive materials are stored ethically and in full compliance with necessary regulations.

Cryoport’s team understands customs requirements and restrictions. This team of logistics experts navigate customs and documentation when shipping frozen eggs, sperm and embryos internationally between fertility clinics.

Making sure your reproductive materials arrive at the fertility clinic safely and securely is Cryoport’s top priority, so your top priority can be navigating fertility treatment, not customs.

To request a quote or contact Cryoport, click here.

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