Feel Comfy During IVF and Lockdown

Eloise Edington  |   15 Jan 2021


Last year we spoke live with the wonderful @chilliesandclothes, who gave top advice about what to think about when dressing during lockdown and keeping your spirits up. She explained how adding a splash of colour or accessory can lift your mood, and we are personally in agreement. You can watch back her advice on seasonal colours and dressing here in our app.

So, what to wear when going through IVF or fertility treatment? Feeling the bloat can be uncomfortable and make you look five months pregnant. A minuscule yet constant bother in our daily lives is waking up and wondering what we should wear in the morning, especially during lock-down / international Covid restrictions where we seem to move from day-time pyjamas to night-time pyjamas! What we pick seems to depend a lot on our mood and time. If we’re having a ‘fat day’, we tend to wear the loosest clothes we can, to hide it. If we’re feeling like we can conquer the world, we tend to put on our strong, ol’ doc martins and perhaps a pop of colour with our favourite shade of lippy. Whilst we are stuck at home, it can be difficult to find the energy and bother with the latter.

But what about if your hormones are a mess and a feel-good day turns into a feel-bad one, because you imagine you’re twice the size you were and everything’s just not right.

The answer is, in theory, quite simple: whatever you want. But that’s generally the problem in the first place.


Keep Snug & Comfy

Firstly, you know which seasons are coming and you know your own wardrobe, so why not utilise that knowledge to have a clear-out or try mixing up clothes you may have ignored for years with some accessories? You could dress-up / down all in one outfit. Long frilly skirt and comfy trainers perhaps? Put away items which make you feel uncomfortable and focus on the ones which put a stride in your step.

With fertility treatments approaching or during an IUI / IVF cycle, your body is going to be under physical and mental stress. So, here are some ideas that you may already be doing, but if they’ve slipped by the wayside, perhaps a reminder?

Leggings. You can never go wrong with a good pair of leggings that you can adjust ever so easily throughout the day to suit your needs. Most importantly, they expand with you and you can breathe! An airy blouse or cardigan can always complete that look and make you appear casual but lovely, especially during these dark, cold days working from home. Amazing how much you can hide on Zoom! Or perhaps a thicker pair of black leggings with Nepalese woollen socks?



Thirdly, perhaps look out for and embrace those patterns and colours you wouldn’t normally find yourself gravitating towards – colours like autumnal brown and mustard yellows. Or the colour / pattern could be added with a bright scarf or gloves. Great fun to add to a season that is generally quite grey and miserable. If you’re in a relationship, get comfy in your partner’s extra big, button down shirts (if this applies). This is always good for the uncomfortable bloat and easy to get away with during winter when we can layer up and don’t feel pressure to wear skimpy summer clothes which might highlight areas of our bodies which we aren’t so fond of.

If you happen to be leaving the house on some kind of adventure, get into a long and lovely, drawstring parka.


What about Footwear?

Now for footwear. Being comfortable is the most important thing, as we well know. Heels and funky shoes are fantastic, and you know it, but sometimes (especially whilst you are stuck at home) you just want something flat and even, so that you feel comfortable and can walk!

Flat boots or good-looking trainers are generally the way to go. Even if you doubt it, you can easily find your style in flat shoes, as well. Of course running shoes are ideal when jogging.

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Perhaps try some flat boots or some casual, but very stylish Vans or Converse. Look out for shoes that also are sure to support your back and foot arches.

To finish off, how about going for all the accessories you feel might finish that comfy look, like velvet or satin hair scrunches? Do up your hair, do your make up however you see fit and storm the world. Most importantly, do what you want to keep motivated and happy at this difficult and uncertain time.

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