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Considerations When TTC Naturally to Help Faster Conception

Eloise Edington  |   30 Sep 2021

When trying to conceive naturally, you could be in it for the long haul. Some people expect to conceive immediately, which is statistically not usually the case. Conception is a process of sperm ‘being in the right place at the right time’ and it is completely normal not to have the desired result right away. Conceiving can take time, tenacity and technique.

As long as diagnosed infertility is not a factor in your fertility struggle, then it may be worth trying some of Fertility Help Hub’s suggestions below to try to conceive sooner.

Words by Katherine Compton

Fertility Yoga 

Fertility yoga lessons are a smart way to try to increase your fertility. A lot of the poses that are incorporated into the practice are intended to increase blood flow and oxygen to the reproductive organs. This means that the uterus will be more likely to produce the healthy amount of the hormones it needs to function properly when TTC.  


While fertility yoga is the ideal type of yoga for when TTC, most standard yoga practices will still help with blood flow if you can’t access dedicated fertility yoga lessons. For those who are TTC either naturally or clinically, this is a low-risk exercise.

Tracking Ovulation 

Tracking your ovulation is an oldie, but a good way of trying to conceive naturally. Tracking your ovulation can help you find which days you are most fertile for optimal chances of conception. Knowing your best time to conceive obviously gives you a higher chance of conceiving sooner.

Tracking your ovulation with basal body temperature charting (BBT) is a good way to get an estimate of when you might be most fertile during your cycle. To begin tracking your ovulation with BBT charting, all you will need to do is take your temperature daily in the morning just as you wake up. Write your temperature on a tracking chart or calendar throughout the month. Based on the results on your chart, you can see by the temperature increase within a certain week that this is when you are most fertile. If you have regular periods, you can estimate the week in each month that you may be most fertile. For example, if your temperature increases within the third week of the months you are tracking your ovulation, it is likely that you ovulate in the third week of every month.

Tracking ovulation by BBT can be difficult, or sometimes even impossible for women who have irregular periods.  However, luckily there are wearable devices on the market nowadays, the technology of which makes fertility tracking less clunky. They use sensors which measure different biological parameters to tell you when you are ovulating.

When to have sex (Is saving sperm a thing?)

There is a lot of ambiguity around how often and when to have intercourse for the best chances of conception. Some people believe that saving sperm for procreative intercourse will increase sperm count and motility. However, studies have shown that sperm motility and morphology are reduced after five days of ‘saving sperm’ as it is much older. Younger sperm tends to have more promising results.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) recommend that you should have intercourse every other day during the time of ovulation to keep sperm quality and motility healthy.

Conception products

One way many favour to try to jumpstart conception is to use modern conception products. A good product to consider would be the twoplus conception cup. Why is this good for saving time in the moment, yet helping you conceive? A lot of people who are trying to conceive naturally recount that, post intercourse, they will sit with their legs to their chest in an attempt to retain sperm for better conception chances. While this may work, it is undeniably taking valuable time out of your day.

With the twoplus conception cup, you can carry on with your day as normal, completing any tasks and chores, all while retaining as much sperm as possible close to the cervix for optimal conception chances.

The twoplus conception cup doesn’t just save you time in the moment, but also expects to increase the likelihood that you will conceive within as little as three cycles. This product could potentially shave off months from your trying to conceive journey, by initiating conception much sooner than unaided intercourse might. This can be combined with twoplus conception gel to give sperm an extra energy boost to reach the egg in time.

Hopefully, the tips and fertility advice in this article can help you speed up conception when trying to conceive naturally. For 30% off twoplus products, use code FHH30 at checkout.

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