2023 festive faves: our team’s top picks for parents and kids

Emma Harpham  |   24 Nov 2023

Whether you’ve got new mothers, busy parents, little ones, or not so little ones to shop for this festive season, we’ve got you covered with our team TRB faves list.

Discover exclusive bundles and special discounts – tailored for those navigating parenthood, and kids of all ages.

Stop, take a moment for yourself, and enjoy a little scroll through our selection.

Baba West – Our favourite for optimum nutrition for babies and children, backed by science and loved by parents

Mimi & Lula – Award-winning accessories for kids that bring the sparkle and shine back into playtime and daytime

TRB PODCAST FAVE: Baby and toddler sleep FAQ – a sleep coach answers your questions

Eloise is joined by Teach to Sleep‘s wonderful Founder Sarah Patel. Wondering when your baby will sleep through the night? Is “crying it out” an effective sleep method? Do natural sleep remedies like cherry juice actually work? Listen in as Sarah answers some of the most frequently asked questions about baby and toddler sleep.

Teach to Sleep – Teaching and empowering parents to help their babies and toddlers sleep

TRB FOUNDER FAVE: How to create a wider support network for your donor-conceived family

TRB Founder Eloise and her husband were contacted (out of the blue) by a lesbian couple who used the same sperm donor as them, via their bank’s donor sibling registry. How did the couple find out Eloise and her husband used the same donor?  How did they contact them? Read on for Eloise’s sperm bank’s Sibling Registry experience.

HOMER Learning – Combining the best reading and phonics curriculum with fun reading games and activities

Bubble Planet Experience – Voyage through fantastical, pastel landscapes designed to appeal to all 5 senses

A must-visit if you’re in or near London with little ones.

OMY products – Kawaii velvet coloring books – these are ideal first coloring exercises to help develop dexterity and creativity

LEGO – The gift that always fits, with ideas for everyone on your list

From little kids, to big kids!

The Jamie Oliver Cookery School – creating memorable food experiences for everyone

This one’s London-based too, and we love that kids learn for free! 

Solemith – Personalised sleepover weekend bag

ZARA – Customize your kids’ garments and make them unique

Build Your Own – An eco-friendly, personalised telescope that kids will love building themselves

PARENTING FAVE: Rekindling intimacy after having a baby – 3 things to do

With so many things to worry about, especially during the holidays, you may feel guilty if you’re a parent who is currently stressing about your sex drive. Try to be kind to yourself in the knowledge that these feelings are all super normal! Here are our top three steps you can take to create intimacy, after having a baby.

 YES® & AH! YES® – Our fave range of safe, gentle, and healthy products created for your most intimate areas – perfect for couples

20% off all products, use the code: TRB20 (UK & USA)

Joi Women’s Wellness – customized therapies and end-to-end wellbeing support for parents

Nutri Advanced – Our Senior Editor’s all-time fave for supporting your health journey

Get 20% off the entire range at Nutri Advanced right now with code TRB20

Jo Malone – Perfumes, candles and diffusers, perfect for creating pockets of peace

TRB EDITOR ADVICE: My early breastfeeding journey, in food & supplements

Our editor Jessie Day came at motherhood from a fertility struggle. Her first baby, Jude, was born five weeks early, and Coren arrived two years later, on time but with an undetected kidney defect. Here’s their breastfeeding story, from tricky starts to extended breastfeeding, and the tips, supplements and support Jessie relies on.

All products in this article have been selected by us. While we only ever recommend products we actually use and love, we may make commission on some of them.

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