Advances in IVF transparency – why should we care, and how do we choose a transparent clinic?

4 Apr 2024

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IVF transparency – what a clinic director wants you to know

In this episode of The Ribbon Box Podcast, we’re joined by Dr Vladimiro Silva, embryologist and Scientific and Executive Director at Procriar, a leading IVF centre in Portugal.

How do I choose a fertility clinic that prioritises transparency?

Check out the podcast for the expert perspective, plus answers to;

  • What’s the current significance of IVF transparency, particularly if we’re seeking treatment?
  • What key indicators or characteristics should we look for when selecting an IVF clinic that prioritizes transparency?

We also chat through transparency in clinic processes, including;

  • The importance of transparent pricing structures in IVF treatment.
  • Why open ID donors are crucial for a more transparent donor egg IVF process.
  • The information we can learn about open ID donors and how it can affect our overall experience of donor conception.
  • And so much more!

Looking for more info? Connect with Procriar and their team for more answers to specific questions, education and world-leading treatment.

Plus, bookmark our library of resources created in collaboration with their fantastic team, from reasons to consider IVF in Portugal, to an all-points guide to egg and sperm donation in Europe in 2024.

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