A decidedly different surrogacy experience, with the team at Alcea Surrogacy – Ep 1: Angela’s Story

5 Jun 2024

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Welcome to TRB Unwrapped – a new segment of The Ribbon Box podcast.

TRB Unwrapped is a first-of-its-kind podcast mini-series, lifting the lid on some of the incredible stories, people and passions behind the best brands in the fertility, pregnancy and wellbeing space, right now.

This is the first of three episodes with the incredible team at Alcea Surrogacy – a full-service surrogacy agency based in New York, who’ve built a new way to offer equal opportunities for all who’re looking to create their family via surrogacy.

Angela’s surrogacy experience

In this episode, we’re joined by Angela Richardson-Mook, CEO & Founder of Alcea.

She has dedicated her life to the surrogacy community. Listen as she shares;

  • her personal journey of being an adoptee
  • how she became a mother via IVF
  • her surrogacy experience as a 6-time gestational carrier
  • her experience of being an egg donor

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Looking to learn more about surrogacy?

Whether you are looking for full-service surrogacy agency support, want to start with a simple consultation, or are interested in a tailored approach that’s inclusive of all your needs, connect with Alcea – they can help.

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