Why I Needed to Change Fertility Clinics and Take a Break with Dani Wade

22 Jun 2021

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Today on Fertility Help Hub’s Podcast, we are joined by Dani Wade, a lifestyle influencer, who has begun incorporating the topic of (in)fertility into her Instagram content. Following Dani’s own unexplained fertility struggles, and wanting to create a narrative around it, Dani shares support and her personal journey with others who are new to infertility treatments and also trying to conceive.

Listen in full as we discuss how Dani has learnt to advocate for herself and change fertility clinics, due to unprofessional bedside manner and poor fertility treatment from specialists she trusted. We also chat through –

  • Taking a break from TTC
  • Fertility treatment options not being discussed by fertility specialists when deciding which fertility treatment option to take
  • Financial apprehensions and setbacks when accessing fertility treatment care
  • IUI / IVF costs in the USA and insurance
  • Picking yourself up after a failed cycle

Fertility treatment options were not discussed in Dani’s initial appointments with her fertility specialist, limiting their choices. Due to being new to the process, it is with hindsight that she realises the error of misinformation on the clinic’s part may have caused their cycles to fail.

Fertility treatment costs in the USA can be high, so when a medical practitioner fails to properly inform their patients, they are potentially risking this huge and maybe only opportunity for the patient to conceive. Factoring in the misinformation, cost and the pandemic, it is understandable why some of the excitement of the process for Dani has been spoiled and why taking a break was the best option for her and her partner.

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