Does Using a Conception Cup Really Help You Get Pregnant?

24 Jun 2021

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Does Using a Conception Cup Really Help You Get Pregnant?

What would you say if we told you that there is a new conception aid available internationally, to help you conceive naturally? We’re so excited to chat about twoplus, and find out how this device works, helping sperm reach the cervix during / after sex and ultimately increase chances of conception.

Fewer than 1% of sperm reach the egg.  Insert twoplus sperm guide cup before sex and stop sperm flowing back out of the vagina post-sex. It’s easy to use, comfortable and 100% drug free.

Listen in full as we speak on the Fertility Help Hub Podcast with the founders of twoplus, Ben and Pru, who know first-hand how frustrating struggling to conceive can be.


  • Why they invented this product and the science behind it
  • How Two Plus Fertility works, whether it interferes with sex and the comfort of using it
  • What the medical industry thinks about it
  • How it improves pregnancy rates

For a whopping 30% off for launch, you can use code FHH30 at checkout.

We are super excited to bring this innovative product to our readers, especially in the USA, as everyone has been asking for it for months. We have also just been told it is now officially available in the UK too, as of yesterday! Hurry before they sell out.

Listen in full above or via your favourite Podcast app.

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