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Podcast – Navigating Donor Conception

9 Sep 2020

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Common Anxieties & Considerations When Considering Donor Conception

This week we had great pleasure speaking with Author and Therapist, Jana Rupnow.

Jana is the author of ‘Three Makes Baby’ and has vast experience in supporting couples and individuals who are trying to conceive using donor conception (egg donors, sperm donors and embryo donation). Jana was adopted herself and has an adopted daughter, so it’s interesting to hear about her personal experience of alternative family building and the similarities and differences between donor conception and adoption.

Navigating donor conception can be a daunting and anxious time, on top of trying to conceive – especially if you’re mourning the loss of genetics. Listen below as we discuss common concerns, questions and things to consider when going down the donor conception route:

  • Anonymous vs open egg donors and sperm donors

  • Will the child love me?

  • Will I love the child?

  • Do we tell the child?

  • Will the child resent me?

  • Telling friends and family

  • Resources & support available

  • Parenting a donor conceived child

Having sperm donor conceived children myself, these are all the things I would have liked to have known more about when starting the process, even now.

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