Podcast – Fertility Yoga

17 Jun 2020

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Welcome Kristin McGee

This week on our podcast series, we had great pleasure in chatting with Kristin McGee, celebrity yoga and pilates Instructor across the pond, in New York City. Kristin is the star of over 100 videos, is featured in several magazines and tv shows, and is a spokeswoman for many brands and causes which she champions @kristinmcgee

Hear Kristen talk about how her breathing techniques, pilates and fertility yoga help her celebrity clients; such as Jennifer Lawrence, Emilia Clarke and Steve Martin!

Personal IVF Journey

Not only has Kristin worked in the fertility yoga space, she has had her own personal IVF journey. It’s one of the most crazy stories of trying to conceive we’ve heard – as if going through fertility treatment and IVF isn’t hard enough, image doing so in the heart of Hurricane Sandy with no electricity…

Fast forward several years and Kristin is a proud mom to three boys, thanks to IVF. She currently teaches yoga with Peloton and certainly keeps herself busy!

Benefit from her expert fertility yoga advice about how yoga and pilates can help you greatly in times of stress and anxiety. Hear Kristin’s breathing techniques and empower yourself to give it a try, even if you haven’t ever. done it before – you certainly don’t need to be a pro…

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