Podcast – How do Toxins and Lifestyle Affect Fertility with Dr Corina Dunlap

4 Jun 2020

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This week at Fertility Help Hub, we had the pleasure of chatting with world-renowned, licensed Naturopathic Physician and Medical Researcher, Dr Corina Dunlap in the United States. Dr Dunlap specialises in women’s health and currently has a private practice in Portland, Maine. As well as a highly impressive resume, Dr Dunlap’s work is frequently published in medical journals and she helps people around the world who are thinking about having a baby or are actively trying to conceive. She also helps those who are undergoing fertility treatments and need some answers.

Listen as we talk all about how our lifestyle and the products we use can play a huge role in our fertility when trying to conceive and even improve IVF success rates. Whether you’re just starting out TTC naturally or you’re an IVF Warrior, it’s worth hearing about how naturopathic treatment can support and complement western fertility clinic treatments. The smallest change by reducing toxins may make all the difference. Dr Dunlap also shares invaluable information on how parental age (men and their sperm especially) can cause long-term mental health disorders in children.

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