How to avoid oxidative damage

11 Aug 2022

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Listen as we chat with natural fertility guru and expert, Marc Sklar, about antioxidants and the effects of oxidative damage on fertility.
Find out:
– What is oxidative damage? And are there any symptoms?
– What are the benefits of CoQ10/ubiquinol?
– Are there any side effects of CoQ10 in high doses? And when is best to take it?
– Supplements and nutrients to speed up a BFP
– Are there any vitamins which help with ovulation?
– What is methylfolate? Plus, the MTHFR gene mutation, and why it matters
– Why is Myo-Inositol important for fertility?
Marc Sklar’s go-to fertility supplement is FH Pro for Men and Women by Fairhaven Health. To snag 15% off their entire website, click here and use code FHH15 at checkout.

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