What We’ve Learned From Choosing an Egg Donor for Fertility Treatment

Many in our fertility community understand how a fertility journey is littered with curveballs and hurdles. Here, Rachel Honeyman shares her and her husband's story of infertility, the discovery that their fertility problems could be female-factor, in addition to the male-factor issues they knew existed, and finally, find out what they learned when choosing donor [...]

How to Find Acceptance Using Donor Eggs or Sperm for Fertility Treatment

As anyone having fertility treatment knows, it's a roller-coaster of emotions. The chances are, you'll have wondered what your general wellbeing would be like if you weren't experiencing fertility difficulties but have you ever considered how your (in)fertility diagnosis plays a role in your ability to overcome challenges on a fertility journey? At FHH, we’ve [...]

Why Should I Use a Donor Egg Agency for My Fertility Treatment?

Are you interested in egg donation but not sure where to start? In fact, 40% of our fertility community is considering using donor eggs and many are wondering what the difference is between a donor egg bank and an egg donor agency. Both have different benefits and it’s your choice to decide which is right [...]

An Egg Donor Answers Your Questions

If you're struggling with (in)fertility and going through fertility treatment, you may be considering using a sperm donor or an egg donor.  In fact, 43% of our Fertility Help Hub community has either used an egg or sperm donor for fertility treatment or is considering using donor gametes. Yet when it comes to using donor [...]

How Does Egg Donation Work? And Your Other FAQs Answered

Are you considering using donor eggs for fertility treatment and wondered what the process of fresh egg donation is like? So are many others.  In fact, we recently ran an Instagram poll and discovered that 40% of our fertility community are interested in using donor eggs for fertility treatment. Yet egg donation is often shrouded [...]

Rihanna Said WHAT About Single Mums?

Pop-singer and CEO of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna, has recently opened up about her intention to be a mum within the next ten years and explained that if she is ready to be a parent, why wait? Relationship status shouldn't factor into whether or not you are ready to be a parent — and thanks to [...]

6 Ways to Fund IVF in the US

IVF treatment costs can cause unnecessary stress when trying to conceive. Not only can the cost of one round of IVF treatment be daunting, but so can the knowledge that it may take a few tries before the treatment is effective. How long will the IVF treatment go on for, and how much will it [...]

IVF with Egg Donation – Why People Turn to Egg Donors

Infertility is a common problem, regardless of age. However, parenthood can be a reality, even if fertility treatment wasn’t the path you thought or dreamed of taking. Having been there myself after my husband’s diagnosis of azoospermia, due to Klinefelter Syndrome, I know that moving on to donor conception (whether that’s with donor sperm, donor […]


IVF with donor eggs – everything you’ve ever wanted to ask

IVF with donor eggs. It’s a topic close to our hearts, and one we get so many questions about each month. Often, the best people to ask are those who’ve been through it. And with IVF, donor egg concerns and just about any area of fertility, this is absolutely the case. So we caught up [...]


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