High-fibre banana bread recipe

High-fibre banana bread recipe

In today's recipe drop, expert nutritionist, Stefanie Valakas - The Dietologist - shares one of her favourite fall-to-winter warmer recipes - high-fibre banana bread. It’s packed full of fertility-friendly ingredients, plus that all-important fibre boost. Whether you're TTC (trying to conceive) or not, it's the perfect treat for a chilly afternoon in (or take it [...]

Foods that help fertility – find them in this hormone-balancing buddha bowl

  Michelle from myMindBodyBaby shares a delicious winter recipe - food that helps fertility. Michelle has been a nutritionist for over a decade and focuses on trying to conceive, after her own fertility struggle. Enjoy this delicious, fertility friendly recipe as we head into winter. Over to Michelle mymindbodybaby.com/ | @myMindBodyBaby Hormone Balancing Buddha Bowl [...]

IVF recipe – pumpkin & coconut curry (serves 4)

  If you're searching for a fall IVF recipe - pumpkin takes some beating as your star ingredient. Perfect in one-pot cooking (from curries to soups), and packed with hormone-supporting fiber, plus beta-carotene for egg health, pumpkin packs an easy antioxidant punch. Healthy fertility recipes can miss a bit of flare, though. So we've turned [...]

Fertility-Friendly Hummus Three Ways Recipe

We all get them: those cravings for toast topped with something yummy. At Fertility Help Hub, we know it can be hard to resist the temptation when you're TTC or having fertility treatment and trying to follow a fertility-friendly diet. Our good friend Charlotte Grand from the Fertility Kitchen (view her website here) has perfect [...]

Super-green Falafels with Cashew Ginger Courgette Noodles

When you're TTC or having fertility treatment, it's important to try and follow a fertility-friendly diet. Our friend Charlotte Grand (from the Fertility Kitchen - visit her website here) has written the world's first fertility cookbook, bursting with delicious recipes for guilt-free conception-friendly eating. This recipe is extracted from The Fertility Kitchen: The Essential Guide to [...]

Fertility help – Madeleine Shaw on how to cope with anxiety

In today's world, so many of us are suffering anxiety over our health, and trying to conceive. To ease the tension and to change our mindset into a positive one, we’ve asked wellness health guru and author, Madeleine Shaw for her top tips. Over to Madeleine. Madeleine Shaw's top tips for coping with anxiety when [...]


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