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Bringing home a baby – an RN explains the egg donation process

13 Sep 2022

Egg donation process, costs and success rates

If you’re considering egg donation, one of the biggest questions is how the process works. How do you reach the decision, do the research and take this step in your path to parenthood?

RNs (registered nurses) are often best-placed to answer the knottier questions around egg donation. They’ve been part of so many stories, and see almost every scenario over time. Catch FHH founder and CEO Eloise as she runs through egg donation with experienced RN and Physician Relations Manager at Donor Egg Bank USA, Rebecca Murillo. 

Get Rebecca’s expert perspective on: 

  • the tools you need, to move forward with donor egg IVF
  • understanding the egg donation process
  • selecting an egg donor
  • choosing a financial plan 

This, many more questions from the FHH community

Ready to move forward? Get expert help and support from day one, with Rebecca and team at Donor Egg Bank USA

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