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Can I improve my egg quality after age 35? A doctor’s perspective

FEATURING Dr Katharina Spies, in partnership with Vida Fertility Institute  |   11 May 2023

Our expert webinar covers egg quality after age 35, actions you can take (today!) and the must-knows for this vital area of fertility.

We’re excited to host Dr Katharina Spies, Medical Director at Vida Fertility Institute who pioneer advanced fertility medicine and personalised support for every patient, online and across two state-of-the-art clinics in Madrid and Alicante, Spain.

Research shows that egg quality can be protected, but which tactics really make a difference? Dr Spies will cover:

  • The basics of egg quality, and age factor
  • Action planning, and where to start
  • Discussions with your fertility team
  • Tests and treatment options
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Supplementation support
  • Plus, lots more

Get in touch with Vida Fertility for a tailored consultation, or just a chat with one of their super-friendly team today.

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