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Expert Q&A – tips for a fertility-friendly summer

21 Jul 2022

Fun and TTC are often worlds apart. But experts across the globe agree that relaxation and conscious time out can boost fertility and success rates. Working wonders in beautiful California, Laurel Fertility Care are perfectly placed to give us the 101 on a fertility-friendly summer. 

Catch our Insta Live Q&A with Rebecca Rich, nurse practitioner at Laurel Fertility Care. Rebecca gives us expertise on: 

  • Alcohol and TTC
  • Diet over the holidays
  • IUI scheduling and prep
  • Socializing and taking a break while TTC

Out of office-ready? Come back strong after the summer break with a Laurel Fertility Care consult. Rebecca and team will be ready to help you reassess your goals and plan next steps.

All caught up? Hop over to Insta for upcoming Q&As.

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