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This Week’s LIVES – LGBTQ+ Fertility Support / Covid Vaccine Safety / CNY Fertility

1 Mar 2021


As you may have seen already, if you follow us on Instagram (which I suggest you do!), we create lots of expert fertility specialist content. We also chat with like-minded individuals who are on their own TTC (trying to conceive) journeys.

We thrive on shared community stories, as it helps people realise they aren’t alone. This is what my husband and I wanted when trying to conceive ourselves and struggling with male factor infertility and an azoospermia diagnosis. This week was full of brilliant chats, which our Instagram community found very informative, so we wanted to share them on our Fertility Help Hub website too.

Here is a Recap of Week Six of our Fertility Clinics vs. Covid Initiative Support

Secondary Infertility, LGBTQ+ Family Building During the Pandemic

Watch us chat with The LGBT Mummies Tribe, who do amazing things for the LGBTQ+ Community. Hear their personal struggles TTC during the pandemic, faced with multiple unsuccessful assisted IUI / IVF attempts.

Laura is an ambassador for our current global initiative, where we’re giving away 7 free rounds of IVF or donor sperm. Ends 10th March, find out more and apply below.

As I mention on the live, we definitely will be running more initiatives like this in the future, as this has been so well received and will hopefully help those we can.

The Covid Vaccine Safety & Fertility Treatment

Want to know all about the Covid vaccine safety whether tying to conceive naturally or having fertility treatment? Watch our webinar with fertility specialist, Dr Guy Ringler from California Fertility Partners.

He explains when people should have the vaccine during IVF / infertility treatment, answers people’s questions, and also explains how to start the IVF process abroad during the pandemic.

Introducing CNY Fertility & The Free IVF Cycle

CNY Fertility are giving away a FREE cycle of IVF. In this live you will hear about CNY Fertility’s IVF medication, IVF treatment and accommodation included in our Fertility Clinics vs. Covid initiative. William also tells us about how CNY Fertility clinic keep their programmes affordable, about international fertility care and IVF success rates.

CNY Fertility don’t have restrictions on BMI or AMH levels for IVF. Check it out above and apply below, before 10th March 2021.

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