Fertility Toolkit for embracing the holiday season when you’re TTC

FEATURING TFP Fertility UK  |   14 Dec 2023

Need help to conceive during the holidays? We’ve got you

Christmas can feel challenging for all sorts of reasons. But, when trying to conceive during the holidays, even spending time with loved ones can feel like a stressful prospect.

From well-meaning questions about why you’re not drinking to seeing other people’s new babies, those of us on team TRB who’ve been there know that it can sometimes feel really difficult to cope with it all.

Watch us sit down with Marie Prince, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at TFP Fertility UK for her guidance on getting through the holiday season, when you need help to conceive.

From advice on enjoying parties and family events, and navigating those tricky questions to eating and drinking, she shares some super valuable tips for enjoying the festive period.

Whether you’re looking for emotional support or to get started on a treatment plan that’s completely dedicated to you, make TFP Fertility UK your go-to for truly personalised fertility care, in 2024.

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