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Getting started with surrogacy – Expert Q&A

17 Nov 2022

Surrogacy, what to expect and clinic support

Surrogacy is a life-changing step in a family-building journey. Knowing you’re working with the very best team is a big reassurance, so we picked up with the amazing Laurel Fertility Care, for all the details on getting started with surrogacy. 

Specialist Dr Goud and Third Party Co-Ordinator at Laurel Fertility Care, Vanessa McGee, sat down with FHH founder and CEO Eloise this week, to cover all-things surrogacy, from getting started to definitions and traditional vs. gestational. 

Vanessa is an IVF mama and three-time gestational carrier, and has huge professional experience, alongside a personal passion for building families. 

Watch now, for details on: 

  • When should you start looking into surrogacy?
  • Where should you start your research?
  • What does the surrogacy timeline look like?
  • When does Laurel Fertility Care come into the surrogacy process?
  • Traditional vs. gestational surrogacy – what’s the difference?
  • Can a friend or relative be my surrogate?
  • What do you recommend people do, when thinking about starting their surrogacy journey?

Plus, lots more. Watch now for more details on how to get started, and next steps for your family-building journey. 

Keen to chat to Laurel Fertility Care about surrogacy or gestational carrier support? Their experienced team are on-hand to help – get in contact today to chat through any questions you have. 

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