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What is a Hatching Blastocyst and is it a Good Sign?

4 Feb 2022

You might have heard about hatching blastocysts during fertility treatment but wondered: what is a hatching blastocyst?

Watch our video above as FHH Founder, Eloise, speaks with Dr Johannes Van Waart, from Wijnland fertility clinic. Based in South Africa, Wijnland fertility clinic adopt a person-centred approach for all fertility treatment and their state-of-the-art assisted-reproduction equipment makes them a Centre of Excellence.  View their profile here and click here to visit Wijnland’s website.

In the video, Eloise and Dr Johannes Van Waart discuss:

  • What is a hatching blastocyst?
  • Is a hatching blastocyst a good sign?
  • What are the success rates of blastocysts during IVF treatment?
  • What is assisted hatching in IVF fertility treatment?
  • Is assisted hatching right for me?
  • Does a hatching blastocyst increase the chance of twins or improve implantation rates?

Find out all about hatching blastocysts in this video.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your fertility journey, click here to make an appointment with Wijnland’s fertility specialists.

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