The Top Yogis to Follow for Fertility

Eloise Edington  |   30 Mar 2022

Fertility yoga is one of the best workouts to do when you are TTC or pregnant. Adding a meditation practice can feel cathartic, mantras can be empowering, and strength and flexibility building can make you feel refreshed and motivated – perfect for those sluggish days during fertility treatment or when pregnant.

Did you know that fertility yoga also boosts your fertility?  Fertility yoga is encourages blood flow to your reproductive organs, supporting the body’s natural reproductive systems.

To help you find the right yoga instructor for you, Fertility Help Hub have researched some of the best so you don’t have to. Read on to find a yoga instructor to guide your fertility yoga.

By Katherine Compton

Yoga with Adriene

Adriene is a yoga instructor who reaches millions of yogis and aspiring-yogis worldwide with both her online and in-person yoga classes. Yoga with Adriene tutorials are versatile as she tailors her classes to all types of yoga such as stress relief, anxiety management, finding inner strength and fertility yoga.

She specialises in a range of practices and covers a wide variety of fertility yoga tutorial videos for free on her YouTube channel. The reason Adriene is such a popular instructor is because she doesn’t judge; she accepts everybody who comes to the mat, offers different variations for different skill levels and body types, and is a patient and calm teacher. Her personable nature is evident throughout her sessions, especially when she interrupts the lesson to draw students’ attention to her dog, Benji, who features in every YouTube tutorial.

And the best part about the Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel is that the tutorials are free! You can practise yoga for fertility from the comfort of your own home and the videos are easy to follow, guided both visually and audibly throughout the entire practice.

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Bettina Rae


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Bettina Rae is a fertility yoga instructor who focuses on de-stressing, improving fertility, pregnancy and dealing with difficult fertility experiences such as fertility envy. Bettina makes for the perfect fertility yoga instructor because she’s been there, having struggled with infertility and the grief, envy and pain that often accompany fertility problems.

While she now has her family, she resonates with those who are still on their journey. She draws inspiration from the practices that helped her to conceive. As stress is a big factor of infertility, Bettina primarily focuses on helping people to learn how to de-stress in the hopes that this will improve their fertility.

She offers both an online course of yoga for fertility and YouTube videos that are free to view. If you are looking for an instructor who knows how you feel and can talk you through all the different stages of infertility and the emotions that come with it, she may be the instructor for you.

Fertile Hope Yoga

Fertile Hope Yoga is founded by Erin McCollough and these classes aim to help people regain control of their fertility journey. Erin believes in the importance of a mind and body connection that she helps you create through her yoga practices. Erin attempts to improve mental wellbeing by trying to reduce stress and anxiety, while also improving physical wellbeing to better both mental and physical health.

55% of those who attended her mind-body programme for ten weeks conceived within that time. According to Harvard researcher Ali Domar Ph. D, women are reportedly three times more likely to conceive on this mind-body course.  The course also offers hope for those who are struggling with their mental health when trying to conceive and experiencing fertility setbacks.

Take these practices you learn on the mind-body programme throughout the day. You’ll learn specific poses and mindsets that suit your daily schedule and as your practice develops, you may find it easier to make these connections between mind and body yourself. For a 14-day free trial of the mind-body programme, click here.

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If you feel a holistic approach to your fertility and pregnancy is needed, these fertility yoga classes are a good place to start. Sometimes, the journey to a class can feel overwhelming, as can being in a room with other people. Online fertility yoga classes using free platforms such as YouTube are an excellent way to try things that support fertility.

Try different classes, go beyond our recommendations and find a fertility yoga instructor who’s right for you.

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