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How to Take Care of Your Sperm

Eloise Edington  |   8 Nov 2021

Beli is helping men improve their chances of a successful conception by increasing the quality and pregnancy potential of their sperm. Beli Vitality for Men is the first men’s prenatal vitamin designed to help optimize sperm for a healthy conception, pregnancy, and baby.

Wondering how it all works? Read on to learn exactly what male prenatals can do for sperm health.

By Katherine Compton

Sperm Counts

When a couple encounters fertility issues, the finger is usually pointed at the woman. Steps are taken to assess her fertile health, which can include invasive fertility tests. Generally speaking, women tend to be at the forefront of fertility scrutinization, with men on the sideline. That’s an issue in itself, but it also represents a specific problem with our approach to infertility. The truth is, sperm counts.

Improving sperm health is imperative for fertilisation, maintaining a pregnancy, and ensuring the long-term health of your baby as it develops, which is a fact often overlooked. Fifty percent of an embryo’s DNA comes from the head of a single sperm. If there is not enough DNA provided by the sperm, or if the sperm is simply of poor quality, fertilisation becomes increasingly difficult, and maintaining a pregnancy becomes nearly impossible.

Ensuring Sperm Health

Your sperm health should be a priority when it comes to improving your fertility, not only for yourself but also for your spouse. For those in a heterosexual relationship, testing your sperm as a first step could help to prevent invasive and difficult treatments for your partner.

While millions of sperm are needed to ensure that at least one sperm reaches the egg to fertilise it, that one sperm needs to be in tip top shape to succeed. One way to ensure that this singular sperm will be fit for fertilisation is to ensure the overall health of all sperm. This can be achieved through many ways, but one of the most effective ways is using supplementation.

How soon should you start taking fertility prenatals?

Sperm are produced at a daily rate. The outcome and development of these sperm greatly rely on receiving the nutrients they need to thrive — and the sooner they get it, the better! Taking your (fertility) vitamins every day is imperative to ensure that your sperm are healthily maturing and that they never miss out on vital nutrients, which would otherwise hinder their development and success.

Experts recommend beginning prenatals three to six months before you even begin your TTC journey. It takes sperm three months to mature, and if the plan is a baby, it’s best to start taking fertility supplements as soon as possible. That’s true even if you’re already trying to conceive.

If you haven’t begun your journey yet, it might be worth sending your semen to a fertility clinic for analysis, to figure out your personal supplement needs. For example, if you need to improve your sperm’s ability to penetrate an egg, you may want to look for vitamins D & E in your fertility supplements (see chart below for specific vitamin recommendations).

Why Beli’s supplements are considered the No.1 prenatal for men

The company’s founder started Beli to bring a line of clean, bioavailable prenatal vitamins to the market. During the development process, she started thinking about the other half of the pregnancy equation. After extensive research into the specific nutrients that can improve sperm health, Beli Vitality for Men was born —along with an entirely new approach to fertility health. These male prenatal supplements incorporate powerhouse nutrients for sperm in their recipe to cover all the factors that could potentially be contributing to male infertility (see chart below). To name a few: choline, CoQ10, zinc, folate, and Shilajit, all of which hare backed by clinical studies for their role in male fertility.

Beli (vegan friendly) takes supporting sperm one step further by offering nutrients that support embryo development and help carry it to term by first improving the sperm for best pregnancy outcomes. Using methylated folate (not to be confused with folic acid which is not as easily absorbed) can improve sperm quality, cause higher conception rates, and protect the embryo’s development through pregnancy.

Beli Vitality for Men also contains a special ingredient: Shilajit. Shilajit is a centuries-old safe and natural energy enhancer. This could improve not only the vitality of sperm, but you will also feel the difference these fertility supplements can make as you will also become more energised. Shilajit also improves sperm quality and male fertility potential.

How Beli Vitality for Men can help improve sperm health:

  • Increases sperm count
  • Protects and supports sperm growth
  • Improves sperm quality and strength
  • Helps to increase better chances of egg penetration
  • Balances acid-alkaline to keep sperm alive and functioning effectively
  • Increases energy of both you and your sperm
  • Improves cellular health

Chart of target areas for sperm improvement and vitamins associated with supporting sperm health:

Ingredients and Role

Improves sperm quality: 

Vitamin C, Zinc, Folate, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, L-Arginine

Helps sperm swim faster: 

CoQ10, Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D, M-acetyl-L-Cysteine

Protects sperm growth: 

Selenium, L-Carnitine, Zinc, CoQ10, Folate

Increases sperm count: 

Vitamin B12, Zinc, Shilajit, L-Taurine, CoQ10

Fertility booster: 

Shilajit, CoQ10, Zinc, Vitamin E, Folate

Better egg penetration: 

Vitamin D and E

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