Top Female Prenatal and Fertility Vitamins, Backed by Science

In partnership with Beli  |   24 Aug 2022

A brand-new, nutrient-rocking prenatal

We have super news – prenatal supplement powerhouse Beli have launched a female fertility supplement range. Welcome, Beli for Women. Together with Beli for Men, it’s the first vitamin system designed to help women, men and baby reach their full potential, from day one.


Why we’re backing Beli for Women prenatals

The TRB team love a good supplement. And we each have a favourite, depending on where we are in the world/our cycle/our phase of life. Beli for Men has been a team favourite for years – they’re top-rated by nutritionists across the USA. So there was a lot of excitement as we unboxed our very first Beli for Women shipment. One look at the supplement fact sheet, complete with 1,000 mcg Methylfolate, plus high quality iron and choline, and we were into it.

Keep reading for a round-up of our team’s stand-out features, and 15% off at Beli, with our exclusive discount code.

Expect better from your prenatal

Science is changing the way we approach fertility and prenatal health. We know that adequate nutrient intake plays a big role when you’re trying to conceive. It also takes two to make a baby, which is why it’s important that both men and women look after their health in the run-up to conception.

For women fuelling for conception, prenatal vitamins are a must. Preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum are stages of life where your nutritional needs are elevated.

Getting pregnant, growing a baby and recovering after delivery are all hard work. Eating a balanced diet featuring lots of whole foods is important, but it can be a challenge to get enough of the nutrients you need. The reality of modern life is that most people – even the nutrition gurus among us – are falling short on one or two micronutrients now and again.

Taking a daily prenatal is one of the best ways to plug any gaps, and prepare your body for a strong, healthy pregnancy. Your fertility care provider and/or nutritionist may recommend something particular too – some people are low in Vitamin D or Iron, for example, and may need a focused boost – so get advice, shop around for the best options, and get to know the brands which pack a punch with their potency and formulation.

Science backs higher daily prenatal requirements

Recommendations for preconception and pregnancy nutrition have changed in recent years. Many nutritionists favour methylated Folate over its synthetic counterpart folic acid, for example. And you’ll notice dosages, once at 400mcg, heading towards 600, 800 or at the top end 1,000mcg. This was the first thing we checked on our Beli for Women boxes, and methylfolate rides high at 1,000 mcg per dose.

Whatever you go for, a science-backed prenatal that’s high-quality, effective and complete will inevitably provide more bang for your buck.

Choline – vital and missing from many prenatals

For years, folic acid has been the main focus for prenatal vitamins and our daily requirements. At best, this has moved to a lens on folate (the more bioavailable form of folic acid), to reduce the risk of neural tube defects in developing babies. But new research has identified positive impact from a broad spectrum of nutrients, including the importance of choline.

Choline, crucial for life-long brain, cellular, and cardiac health, has emerged as a previously under-rated nutrient, and vital for optimised fertility. In 2017, the American Medical Association officially recommended that prenatal vitamins should prioritise evidence-based levels of choline, which plays an important role in protecting a baby’s developing brain and spine.

As standard, experts usually recommend a daily 450 mg choline intake during preconception and pregnancy – 550 mg while breastfeeding – but you should always check this with your own doctor). Since choline is most concentrated in foods which we might not eat on a daily basis – liver, for example – it can be difficult to get adequate intake through diet alone.

Sadly, some prenatals skip choline entirely, or include tiny amounts of it (we saw just 55 on one big name box), which, for most women and babies, isn’t enough to make a difference.

Why is choline important for fertility?

Again, our team were on the case as soon as Beli for Women landed. And no suprises, it’s formulated with 400 mg of choline, providing the evidence-based levels needed to protect and support the health and development of your baby.

Choline is crucial for prenatal health, and while breastfeeding, because it helps with:

  • brain and spinal cord development

  • reducing birth defects

  • neural tube development, and reducing baby’s risk of conditions like Spina Bifida

  • providing the necessary building blocks for baby’s long-term cognitive development

  • ensuring adequate choline concentrations in breast milk, to support baby’s cognitive growth

Folate, Vitamin D, magnesium & iodine

Beyond sufficient choline intake, you’ll also want to make sure your prenatal covers a broad spectrum of nutrients. The American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics call out folate, vitamin D, magnesium, and iodine as crucial micronutrients for healthy conception, pregancy and postnatal wellness.

These work together in amazing synergy to:

  • boost overall fertility

  • improve egg quality

  • protect baby’s brain and spine development

  • maintain healthy energy throughout pregnancy and your postpartum

  • support bone density for mother and baby

  • help reduce morning sickness

  • support postpartum recovery, and breastfeeding

Beli for Women prenatals include 1,000 mcg of methylated folate (easier to absorb than folic acid), to help reduce the risk of neural tube defects in your developing baby, with benefits for fertility and recovery after birth too. Optimised folate levels also increase progesterone production and support normal ovulation.

prenatal vitamin supplements beli men

Don’t forget your guy

That’s the beauty of a complete micronutrient supplement system. There’s a specific formulation for everyone. Beli for Men is a complete male preconception and prenatal vitamin, containing highly activated, bioavailable ingredients at optimised levels. Male fertility supplements are best started six months before conception, to work on improving sperm production, count and quality, as well as overall fertility.

Don’t overdose

It’s always possible to have too much of a good thing. Taking too much of any vitamin or mineral can be bad for you (though some are far more difficult to overdose on than others). You should always consult your health provider and read the label before taking supplements. If you experience any unusual symptoms, stop taking your supplement and consult your pharmacist.

TRB recommends products that we believe can help on your TTC journey, but you should always do your own research and talk to your own healthcare provider before making any changes or additions to your diet and supplements. We sometimes receive sales commission on the products we share.

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