How does Natural Cycles work? The non-hormonal birth control app to know

Emma Harpham  |   18 Jul 2023

In a world where technological advancements continue to shape our lives, it’s no surprise that they’re now revolutionizing even the most personal aspects of our well-being.

Enter Natural Cycles – a groundbreaking non-hormonal birth control app that empowers individuals with a natural and scientifically-backed approach to family planning.

Whether you’re exploring alternatives to traditional contraceptives, actively trying to conceive, or simply seeking a better understanding of your body, this app provides an innovative solution that merges technology with biology.

And right now, TRB readers can get 20% off a Natural Cycles subscription, 15 ovulation tests and a FREE thermometer with code TRB20.

But how does it all work? And is it right for you? Watch as Dr Jack from the Natural Cycles team answers all of your questions on usage, accuracy, the science and more.

Non-hormonal birth control, unboxed

What if I’m sick whilst charting?

“If you’re taking your temp with an oral thermometer, and it seems a little bit too high compared to your average at that time in your cycle, the algorithm will deviate the temp for you.”

What happens if my sleep is disrupted?

“The algorithm in this app will recognise that your temp is a bit too high or a bit too low, and it will deviate it or exclude it automatically.”

What if I don’t see signs I’ve ovulated when TTC?

“The first things first is to track as many things as possible, or as many as you feel comfortable with.

The body temp each day throughout the cycle, is really important and you can use LH tests to track in your fertile window.”

What if I can’t take my temp at the same time every day?

“We advise that you take it around the same time every morning, before you sit up or get up out of bed.

There’s a lovely solution to it now, the Oura Ring which tracks your temperature trends during the night whilst you’re sleeping.”

How accurate is the thermometer & app?

“Natural Cycles is 93% effective with typical use and 98% effective with perfect use.”

Natural Cycles offers a comprehensive and personalized approach to family planning. Leveraging the power of cutting-edge algorithms and fertility tracking, this app allows you to harness the rhythm of your own cycle to make informed decisions about your reproductive health.

Want to learn more about how this app harnesses the science of fertility to provide a non-invasive, non-hormonal birth control that puts you in control like never before? Head over to Natural Cycles to get 20% off a subscription, 15 ovulation tests, PLUS a free thermometer with code TRB20.

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