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Fertility, Wellness and Beauty Discounts to Rock Your Summer

Eloise Edington  |   4 Jan 2021

Finding fertility help and advice can be expensive and cutting costs seems like a never-ending task. Luckily, we have done that work for you! Just in time for the long awaited summer, we’ve negotiated FREE re-usable discounts and offers on your behalf for fertility, lifestyle and well-being products and services, to save you money and to relieve some of the financial burden. These are exclusive discounts to our lovely Fertility Help Hub – hooray! We hope they help.

For your BODY

Nutrition is key when trying to conceive. After consulting with your nutritionist, it’s likely they’ll suggest you add some fertility supplements into your diet and advise you to shake up some of the ingredients in your pantry. So, here are some incredible offers to help your body and mind stay on track…


Beli – Male & Female Fertility Supplements

Beli’s Vitality provides men with the right nutrients optimized for reproductive and sperm health, with some amazing bonus benefits. They are backed by science and support both men and women – one of the most popular fertility supplement brands we work with.


Essential for both conception and embryo development, this generous offer will help you to get the protein your body needs without breaking the bank! A proven way to track your fertility. The iFertracker cuts out the guess work.

10% off iFertrackerEnter FHH10 at checkout


Zita West Supplements

Supplements – Discover the Zita West range of premium quality fertility and pregnancy supplements. We are trusted fertility specialists & our products are manufactured in the UK (available worldwide).

10% off Zita West SupplementsEnter code TRB10 at checkout


Mosie Kit

If you’re trying to conceive, but traditional conception methods are either not working as quickly as you’d hoped or aren’t an option to begin with, then meet Mosie.

10% off The Mosie KitEnter 10TRB at checkout


ExSeed Male Fertility Test

The only male fertility test for sperm count and quality with a personalised lifestyle intervention program. Get accurate fertility help.

17% off ExSeed Male Fertility TestEnter helphub at checkout


OG Science & Wellbeing

Ideally, women should take DHAs for at least three months before they conceive. OG Omega-3 PLUS has an extremely high concentration of DHA, EPA, as well as DPA. It can be taken in either oil or capsule form which makes it convenient to take.

15% off OG Science & WellbeingEnter TFH15 at checkout


Pearl Fertility Tracking Kit

Help with testing and monitoring your hormones easily and accurately whilst TTC. This tracker will help with ovulation prediction.

10% off Pearl Fertility Tracking KitEnter HELPHUB10 at checkout


Omega 3 Fish Oil

Nutritionists often shout from the roof-tops about the positive effects of Omega 3, in everyday life and when TTC, so why not get the best Omega 3 fish oil on the market?

Let’s Get Checked

Home health testing kits for a variety of medical needs, these tests are easy to use and help keep you out of the doctor’s office unnecessarily. Men and women are trying to conceive – let’s remember this is a team sport!

20% off Let’s Get Checked Health Tests – Enter Eloise20 at checkout


Bud Fertility Supplements

Healthy supplements benefit everyone. Bud offer scientifically backed natural fertility supplements for both men and women who are trying to conceive. Let’s remember this is a team sport!


Nutritional Programmes

Finding the right nutrition for you shouldn’t be a guessing game. Kirsten Oddy supports those trying to conceive, with personalised nutritional plans to help you treat your body like a temple. She specialises in PCOS and endometriosis.

10% off Nutritional ProgrammesQuote code fertilityhelphub when booking


The Underdog Scrotal System

Never forget the Underdog! This cooling system will help to boost male fertility the natural way. If you’re trying to conceive naturally, this is for you.

10% off The Underdog Scrotal SystemEnter FertilityHelpHub10 at checkout


Tempdrop Thermometer

Offering accurate readings for you to know exactly where you are in your cycle; you can wake up whenever you want and effortlessly predict ovulation.

10% off Tempdrop ThermometerEnter FHHTD10 at checkout


Planet Organic

An ethical, sustainable health food haven, Planet Organic online is the perfect place to stock up on the UK’s best artisan organic foods and hearty fertility supplements, packed full of the nutrients you need when TTC or thinking about trying to conceive.

15% off Planet OrganicEnter code POFHH at checkout


The FERTI.LILY Conception Cup

TTC naturally? This hormone-free conception aid may increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally by helping sperm reach the cervix.

7.5% off The FERTI·LILYEnter code HUBCUP at checkout


FERTI·LILY Conception Gel

A brand new TTC friendly conception gel

7.5% off Enter Code HUBGEL at checkout



A conception bundle – a little help making a little miracle.

15% off – Enter code HUBBUNDLE at checkout


BINTO Fertility Supplements

Designed with real women in mind – Binto supplements are formulated based on the latest clinical research in the fertility space and made by licensed women’s healthcare professionals. Ingredients include the most gentle form of Iron, Methylated Folate, DHA/EPA, NAC, and CoQ10.

20% off Binto – Enter code FHH20 at checkout


Future You

Keep your Co-enzyme Q10 levels topped up every day with a supplement 18x more absorbable than standard CoQ10 powder.

20% off Future You – Enter code FHH20 at checkout


Positively Pregnant

An intentionally curated collection of herbs that helps you increase your chance of conception. Every herb works together to support optimum health for the male body by increasing motility, viability, and count. Then for the female body, it helps consistency in your cycle, and ultimately high fertility.

15% off Positively PregnantEnter Code HAPPY15 at checkout


Two Plus Fertility

Less than 1% of sperm reach the egg – we’re fixing that. Insert twoplus sperm guide cup before sex and stop sperm flowing back out of the vagina post-sex. It’s easy to use, comfortable and 100% drug free.

30% offEnter code FHH30 at checkout


Kegg: The 2-in-1 Fertility Tracker

The intuitive fertility tracker that detects your fertile window and possible ovulation up to 7 days in advance.

15% off – Enter code HELPHUB at checkout

Legacy – At Home Sperm Analysis

We’ve partnered with Legacy to bring you the most rigorous at-home semen analysis on the market.The Legacy Sperm Analysis looks at key metrics to determine the health and quality of sperm: volume, count, concentration, motility, and morphology. The clinical analysis evaluates sperm for all five factors individually, providing a better picture of male fertility.

$65 offEnter Code DADLIFE65 at checkout


Jen Walpole Nutrition

Jen is offering a discount to her readers on her initial consultation and follow up package

10% offQuote code FHH when booking

Mindful Chef

Not only do you want to inject all the right hormones, but you want to make sure that you’re feeding your body the right foods and giving it the natural nutrients it needs.

10% offEnter code FHH10 at checkout 


For your MIND and BODY

The mind is the most extraordinary and powerful part of the human body. We need to nourish the mind just as much as we need to nourish the body; whether that be by putting your mind at ease during the 2WW, or cleansing through meditation- these discounts have your back….


Fertile Hope Yoga

An online mind-body program that takes you from surviving to thriving and has been shown to increase your chances of pregnancy. Have you tried fertility yoga yet?

FREE Fertile Hope Yoga 14-Day TrialClick for your 14-Day Trial


Mindfulness Course

This self-paced course comes with 9 lessons each with a breathing technique or meditation, a journal prompt to spark introspection, an exercise to incorporate into your TTC journey, and check-ins with Josephine and the course community. Plus, a live Zoom Q&A and meditation at the end of the course with Josephine and other students.

Mind Body Baby

With Fertility-focused meal plans, tailored fertility treatment exercise guides, fertility yoga & mental well-being tools backed by fertility clinics, this programme benefits the body and mind.

Circle and Bloom

Fertility Meditation is a fantastic way to bring your mind and your body together. Reconnect with your body’s natural rhythms in just 15 minutes per day with our guided meditations for fertility.

20% off Circle+Bloom ProgrammesEnter FHH20 at checkout

and finally…

For your SOUL

Now that your body and your mind are taken care of, it’s time to take care of your soul, allow yourself to indulge in products that will make you look and feel great, glowing from the inside out. Most importantly, they also help with conceiving and tracking your fertility journey…


Asquith Sportswear

Yoga is so important for your mind and body, especially with the stresses of TTC. The Original Ethical Activewear Brand offers you 20% off your new fertility yoga wardrobe.

20% off Asquith Sportswear – Enter code FERTILITYHUB20 at the checkout


JRF – Lifestyle and Fashion

British designer Jessica Russell Flint, creates vibrant, entirely unique hand-illustrated prints, with luxury products ranging across accessories, clothing, sleepwear and homeware.

25% off – Enter code FHUB at checkout 


Honeypie Minerals

Pure, simple and honest, this is cruelty-free non-toxic makeup. Whether you’re trying to conceive or not, help yourself look and feel great.

15% off Honeypie MineralsEnter FHHUB15 at checkout


Organ(y)c Cotton

Organic Cotton Feminine Care is now easy on the planet, and your wallet. When trying to conceive, it’s so helpful to find fertility friendly non-toxic products you can trust.

Primally Pure Skincare

Real, pure and recognisable ingredients for your skin.

15% off Primally Pure SkincareEnter code FHH10 at checkout


Twinings Tea

Nobody knows tea like Twinings. If you’re trying to conceive and want to forgo caffeine, we have the perfect caffeine-free selection for you.

15% off Twinings TeaEnter code FHH15 at checkout


Fine Healing Goods

Healing and looking after your body, as we know, is super important. See what nice things you can do for your general well-being.

15% Off Fine Healing GoodsEnter code FERTILITYHELP


Keep checking here to get the best discounts for fertility help, vegan fertility and fertility coaching, so you don’t miss out! We hope you enjoy and take full advantage. If you want to see any specific discounts included, please message us and we’ll try to make it happen!

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