These were our team go-to’s for pregnancy and wellbeing support, this year

Emma Harpham  |   24 Nov 2023

From pregnancy-friendly products to self-care treats, our guide is filled with festive favourites – tried and adored by the TRB team in 2023.

Explore exclusive bundles, enjoy special discounts, tailored to those of you who are navigating the path to parenthood.

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Ovum – Early Detection Pregnancy Tests

15% off all products, use the code: TRB15

Veri, discover what foods and habits work for you with the first metabolic health program powered by your data.

Get $30 off your first month of Veri using code: VSM-THERIBBONBOX

FLY Mama – an online platform to support you physically and emotionally after perinatal trauma and loss.

Get £11 off ANY of their bundles with code: RIBBONBOX

Ladywell – The only supplement you need for hormone health.

Get 20% of the entire range with code: RIBBON20

Joi Women’s Wellness – customized therapies and end-to-end wellbeing support.

TRB EXPERT: Too embarrassed to ask these things about birth? Don’t be

From unexpected bodily changes like bloating, gas, and vulva swelling, to the myths and realities of pooping during birth and the vulnerability of being naked in front of medical professionals, get answers to the pregnancy and birth questions that are often side-stepped. It’s a safe space here, guys!

SUPPLEMENT SUGGESTION: The NHS says these are the most important vitamins for pregnancy

The NHS highlights folic acid & vitamin D as the most important vitamins for pregnancy and preconception, so we’re deep-diving the why and how on each. Plus, we have a quick look at one vitamin the NHS say is best avoided, in supplement form, and a few others you may need to factor in, if you’re working with a particular diet or health concern.

Zita West Fertility Supplements – Total supplement care for fertility and beyond

Save 10% off on your first order (UK & USA)

 YES® & AH! YES® – A range of safe, gentle, and healthy products created for your most intimate areas.

20% off all products, use the code: TRB20 (UK & USA)

The Mindful Birth Group – Empower whatever stage of pregnancy or post natal you’re at.

We’re big fans of their award-winning courses, designed to help you to navigate your pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey with confidence and calm.

Invivo – Restoring human health and ecology.

Take charge of your well-being journey with their exceptional microbiome testing and supplements.

Nutri Advanced – supporting your health journey, no matter where you are and no matter how long it takes.

Get 20% off the entire range at Nutri Advanced right now with code TRB20

Teach to Sleep – Teaching and empowering parents to help their babies and toddlers sleep.

The Vagina Whisperer – Online, on-demand workouts for your pelvic floor & care.

Head over to sign up for a V-Hive Membership, choose your program, and get the first week free!

POSTPARTUM RECOVERY: From perineal tears to pain relief – why lavender and frankincense are powerful postpartum healers

During this very special yet crucial time for healing, so many of us can benefit from simple and powerful, natural support. And we’ve learnt that certain essential oils for postpartum healing can work wonders – both for us and our little ones! Here’s how.

WholeNest – all-natural products based on the body-mind balancing philosophy and our body’s own healing abilities.

Enjoy 20% off with code FERTILITY20 on their selection of incredible postpartum care products.

Randox Health – Helping you better understand your hormones and fertility.

Viridian – Ethical vitamins with an organic heart

TRB MUST READ: A doula’s birth plan

Having a doula is about putting you, and your birth experience, in the main frame. But alongside the birth itself, meeting up with your doula, birth plan prepping and talking things through, can help ensure your preferences are heard, held and reflected in your baby’s arrival. See an example birth plan here.

Nature Heals – Complementary therapies to enhance your chances of conceiving, a healthy pregnancy and giving birth naturally.

PREGNANCY SUPPORT: The pregnancy acupuncture 101 – from labour induction to back pain relief

There are – we’ve found – very few things acupuncture can’t help with. In this 101, lean on experienced practitioner Karla to share insights on who might benefit from pregnancy acupuncture to specific points around discomfort, sustained energy and labour induction.

Daye – On a mission to raise the standards of gynae products

Get 15% off all their products, just use code RIBBON15

All products in this article have been selected by us. While we only ever recommend products we actually use and love, we may make commission on some of them.

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