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Introducing Fertility Clinics vs. Covid – Free IVF or Donor Sperm Worldwide

Eloise Edington  |   19 Jan 2021

8 Opportunities to #RestartTheJourney Worldwide

The pandemic has caused financial hardship and disrupted conception plans for so many around the world, which is why we’re giving eight people the chance to receive a free round of IVF or donor sperm to help restart the fertility journey. We have seen the heartache amongst the trying to conceive community, so we felt we could do more.

This year we’re taking our commitment a step further with a new, global initiative.

At Fertility Help Hub, we have partnered with eight fertility providers around the world (seven fertility clinics and one sperm bank), to give eight couples or solo parents the opportunity to receive fertility treatment. This includes one round of IVF or credit to use for donor sperm. The IVF or donor sperm redemption period (set out by each of our providers) takes into account travel restrictions, due to Covid.

Introducing our World-class 8 Fertility Partners, Providing These incredible Gifts


The Agora (UK) believes in empowering the freedom of reproductive choice with wisdom, honesty and compassion.

“Being involved in Fertility Clinics vs.Covid is hugely important to us, as firstly this gives us an opportunity to help a couple or solo mother have a child who might not otherwise be able to afford it, and secondly, we have a chance to raise awareness of the immense pressures faced by the TTC community as the effects of the pandemic continue to roll on.”



The fertility specialists at California Fertility Partners (USA) are recognised nationally and internationally for their expertise. They make every effort to provide the highest quality care in a personalised and supportive manner.

“We know many have been impacted financially and may have to further delay or reconsider building a family. If being part of this initiative can help one person or couple have children, it’s something we are proud to be part of.”


Located in the USA & Canada, they are widely known both as the most affordable fertility clinic in the States and as pioneers in the treatment of the most advanced cases of infertility. CNY is recognised as a “fertility clinic for all” as they don’t have age, BMI, FSH/AMH levels restrictions.

“Covid has changed the way we operate, but it hasn’t changed our principles. In an effort to put our mission into action and provide some hope to families worldwide during the pandemic, we’re proud to be partnering with FHH and other clinics giving these remarkable gifts.”


CRGH (UK) believes in creating bespoke, individualised treatment plans, to ensure all patients have the best chance of success, without exception.

“We are acutely aware of the ways, both big and small, in which those pursuing fertility treatment have been impacted by the Covid pandemic.The Fertility Clinics vs. Covid campaign is an opportunity for CRGH to join a global effort to #RestartTheJourney; something we’re proud to be a part of.”


Their expertise lies in careful selection and screening of donors of all races and ethnicities. Cryos’ customer service provides help and guidance when you are selecting the right donor.

The Fertility Clinics vs. Covid campaign is a great way of helping some of the people affected. We’re very proud and happy to be able to be a part. We hope that it can also help highlight the big emotional consequences that undergoing fertility treatment can have.”


Based in Spain, Tambre’s philosophy is ‘the patient is the priority’, and to this day this motto remains its flagship. The use of cutting-edge technology, effective techniques, personalised treatments and high success rates, attract patients from all over the world.

“It was clear from the beginning that we wanted to participate in the beautiful Fertility Clinics vs. Covid initiative. We are resolute in our desire that no one should have to stop, change or postpone their dreams because of these chaotic years.”


La Jolla IVF’s (USA) mission to provide the highest standard of fertility care to all of their patients. They endeavour to make patients feel supported, no matter how stressful the experience is, as they want patients to feel they didn’t walk alone.

“We have seen an increase in couples/individuals seeking IVF, egg / sperm donation and surrogacy of the past few years. So we’re delighted to partner with FHH, to offer their service along with ours to those who reach out for help.”


UNICA fertility clinic (Czech Republic) has been at the forefront of fertility treatment and stands for medical excellence, whilst setting unrivalled quality standards.

“We’re part of this initiative, to inspire hope in hopeful parents. In addition to moral support, we want to use this opportunity to help couples financially, to make their family dreams come true. We’d like to give a big thank you to FHH for allowing us to extend this chance to all of its passionate readers”

We truly believe that no story is more deserving than another, so our eight recipients will be selected at random.

To enter, you simply need to submit your application before 10th March 2021.

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