Fertility food diaries – the go-to dishes I’ve been loving

Emma Harpham & Eloise Edington in partnership with Foodhak  |  30 Aug 2023

Fertility-friendly dinners

The Ribbon Box founder and CEO Eloise Edington is no stranger to seeking out fertility-boosting foods (she’s just been through her fifth cycle of IVF).

But with so much info out there about foods to help fertility, and so little time left over around busy work and parenting schedules, having a core meal plan to stick to is something that makes her life much easier. 

Foodhak creates fresh, ready-to-eat plant-based dishes, delivered straight to your doorstep across the UK. They harness innovative AI tech, supported by the latest clinical research, to create meal plans with smart ingredient swaps that ensure you get all the nutrients you need, no matter what your health goals are – and all you have to do is pour, heat and eat!

Meal plan pre-access

In part one of our Foodhak reviews, Eloise incorporated their menu into her daily eats. 

Read on for part two, as we dive a little deeper into Foodhak’s meal plan options,  and the key nutrition behind Eloise’s favourite fertility-friendly dinners. 

Thai Green Curry

Carbs are a regular craving for me, and making sure that I’m getting enough complex carbs became a big priority on my fertility journey. Complex carbs and wholegrains feed our ‘good’ gut flora and help keep things regular, supporting healthy oestrogen metabolism.

Also, fibre is a key complex carb, and links have been found between increased fibre intake and improved uterine lining – a win for successful implantation.

I found that Foodhak’s Spirulina Thai Green Curry with cooked quinoa was really low in sugar whilst being a super tasty and high-fibre choice for dinner. (Alongside padding out fertility-friendly dinners, the quinoa is also a lighter, way to add wholegrains in at lunch too, which I love for when I’m on the go.)

fertility friendly meal plans

Mushroom Stroganoff

I love mushrooms because they’re a low-calorie source of fibre, folate, vitamin D and master antioxidants, which are all really great for supporting fertility.

In a nutshell, mushrooms help boost progesterone levels and protect your DNA from oxidative damage, and they’re also great sources of selenium which has been suggested to promote healthy follicles in the ovaries. 

Foodhak’s Mushroom Stroganoff (I loved serving this one with focaccia) was such a delicious way to top up.

Ayurvedic Kitchari

I really enjoy adding plant proteins like beans and lentils into my diet, as they help support ovulation and are sources of the key amino acids I need for a healthy pregnancy.

Foodhak’s Ayurvedic Kitchari contains mild spices, red lentils, onions, long-grain basmati rice and carrots, and is a super healthy and fertility-friendly option. And, it packs a plant protein punch (18g of it per serving, to be exact!)

fertility meal plan

Katsu Curry

Curries are so comforting to me and are great fertility boosters as they can be easily packed out with lots of amazing nutrients. 

Foodhak’s Katsu Curry is developed by chefs with crunchy sugar snap peas, sweet butternut squash, carrots and baby corn – and is one of those fab fertility-friendly dinners that doesn’t compromise on taste. 

Key ingredients include ginseng (which reduces inflammation, improves brain function and boosts my immune system) and sugar snap peas, which are complex carb-heavy and a source of vitamin C, iron, and potassium. 

Looking to drop the meal prep and get fertility-boosting foods delivered to your door?

Head over to Foodhak and access their brand new pre and post-natal meal plans. Check out their existing range of amazing anti-inflammatory, plant-based and gluten-free dishes, and get 45% off your first box on orders over £50 with code RIBBON45.

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