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5 ways to max out your Fertility Show ticket in May

Jessie Day  |   24 Apr 2023

With spring in full swing, it’s that time again – we’re so excited to get down to Olympia London, catch up with our community, and see first-hand the amazing advances in fertility care, at The Fertility Show 2023

Have you got your ticket? Get booked in for 20 / 21 May 2023 (there are online options too if you can’t make it in-person), and start flicking through the seminar programme, speakers list, exhibitors, wellbeing workshops, and the back-by-popular-demand Let’s all Talk Fertility Lounge. TRB readers get 20% off right now too (valid on general admission tickets only). So grab your tickets and start planning.

We asked, you said – this year’s Fertility Show London must-sees

The Fertility Show returns to Olympia London on 20 & 21 May 2023. We’re prepped for big learnings, deep-dives, cutting-edge approaches and a reminder of where to go for the gold standard in care, on our family-building journeys. 

We’ll be there too – of course! – and our aim is to be your signpost for next steps, once you’re inside the show. From finding a clinic to specific condition-related support, testing, financing and lifestyle 101s to donor conception, surrogacy and adoption, this is the UK’s only live event that connects you with so many top fertility experts, clinics and doctors in one place at one time.

Our mission at TRB HQ is to help you navigate to the support and expertise you need, prepped to take next steps with the very latest – and clearest – information. 

So, we asked our IG community what you’re most keen for help with, once you’re at The Fertility Show. Here are your top priorities for 2023, and everything on the programme to tap into. We’ll keep updating too, with any last-minute must-sees and special guests.

See you there! Please do pop by and say hello at Stand E50 – we’ll be prepped to help you find the support you need, and plan your next steps.

1. Repeated IVF failure expertise

This is a top concern for our Insta community, and, we know, for the IVF community in general. For repeat IVF failure and questions around recurrent implantation issues, we’re keen to stop by these expert seminars for specific guidance: 

Saturday programme

Dealing with recurrent IVF failure – 10.30AM

New IVF advancements & how they help – 11.30AM 

Treatments for unexplained infertility – 2.30PM

Solving the mystery of implantation – 2.30PM

Fertility testing & diagnosis – 3.30PM

Sunday programme

Learning from repeated IVF cycles – 10.30AM

Coping with recurrent miscarriage – 11.30AM

Our top tip – Dr Laura García de Miguel will be leading the discussion at Saturday’s 10.30AM session, Dealing with recurrent IVF failure, and it’s one not to miss. Medical Director of Clínica Tambre in Madrid, Spain, Dr García de Miguel specializes in treating patients who have had previous IVF failures or who respond poorly to hormonal or IVF treatment. 

Stands to head to include Nadezhda Women’s Health Hospital (stand D34), Clínica Tambre (stand C36), IVF-Life (stand E24) and Vida Fertility (stand C34). All of these clinics and teams have a keen focus on repeated failed cycles, working with patients to get to the root of what may be happening and helping you map out next steps.

The Fertility Show London Endometriosis

2. Endometriosis support

With endometriosis awareness month just over, we’re still banging the drum, and so are you. Try these seminars, stands and workshops for endo-specific support and the latest diagnosis, treatment and management support: 

Saturday programme

Boosting fertility – diet & lifestyle – 11.30AM

Endometriosis & adenomyosis explained – 12.30PM

Treatments for unexplained infertility – 2.30PM

Sunday programme

Coping with recurrent miscarriage – 11.30AM

Holistic therapies & how they help – 12.30PM

Our top tip – alongside Dr. Srividya Seshadri from CRGH, who’ll be running the Endo deep-dive on Saturday 12.30PM, make a beeline for Carla Cressy, founder and CEO of The Endometriosis Foundation. Carla will be speaking at the Show, and you can find this amazing not-for-profit organisation at stand C10. 

Along with The Endometriosis Foundation (stand A30/34) we also recommend stopping by Nadezhda Women’s Health Hospital (stand D34) for clinician-led expertise and support.

3. Unexplained infertility, explained

40 per cent of you on Insta asked for help with unexplained infertility in our recent poll – The Fertility Show is a perfectly-timed opportunity to push for a second opinion, the latest guidance and a fresh look at your profile and journey. We’d suggest checking out: 

Saturday programme

What can cause secondary infertility? – 11.30AM

New IVF advancements & how they help – 11.30AM

Endometriosis & Adenomyosis explained – 12.30PM

Treatments for unexplained infertility – 2.30PM

Fertility testing & diagnosis – 3.30PM

Our top tip Alongside that 2.30PM must-see seminar (Treatments for Unexplained Infertility), we’d also get along to stand D36 for a chat with Proov, the team behind affordable, medical-quality CE marked diagnostic testing. Do pop along to see Enhanced Fertility at stand E20 too, who provide complete NHS-accepted fertility testing for men and women who’ve been trying to conceive for more than six months.

The Fertility Show London Donor Conception

4. UK options for donor conception and/or surrogacy

With shifting regulations and increasing demand for UK-based support, donor conception, surrogacy and the gestational carrier journey are key topics for the family-building community. Here are the seminars and speakers to see: 

Saturday programme

Your surrogacy journey (UK & abroad) – 3.30PM

Fertility law; what you need to know – 4.30PM

Sunday programme

LGBTQ routes to parenthood – 12.30PM

Parenthood with donor eggs or sperm – 3.30PM 

Egg & sperm donation within the UK – 4.30PM

Our top tipNina Barnsley is booked to host Sunday’s Parenthood with donor egg or sperm seminar, and brings an enormous amount of knowledge and experience – plus endless kindness – to the topic. We’ll be keen to hear her perspective. 

Plus, seek out award-winning podcaster, writer and influencer Kreena Dhiman, mum of four via surrogacy and egg donation. Kreena will also be sharing her story in the Let’s All Talk Fertility Lounge, so be sure to catch her there too.

For those looking at UK surrogacy options, don’t miss Michael and Wes Johnson-Ellis – AKA TwoDadsUK speaking on Saturday PM, with a talk due to cover the UK/abroad surrogacy journey, and all it involves. It’s bound to be brilliant. Another must-see is Natalie Gamble, one of the UK’s leading experts in surrogacy and hosting Saturday PM’s Fertility law; what you need to know. 

And finally, our very own TRB founder Eloise Edington will be chatting all-things donor parenting at 11.30AM on Sunday, in the Let’s All Talk Fertility Lounge. Pop by, bring your questions (nothing is taboo, for team TRB!) and let us know how it’s all going.

5. Nutrition & supplement expertise

Whole-body health and nutrition status are on almost everyone’s radar, when it comes to fertility. Folate, vitamin D, inositol, CoQ10 – micronutrients get thrown about in blogs and posts, but what do you really need in your regimen, and where does diet fit in? For the 101, we’d focus on: 

Saturday programme

Boosting fertility – diet & lifestyle – 11.30AM

Helping male fertility & lifestyle – 4.30PM

Sunday programme

Improving the quality of sperm & eggs – 2.30PM

Our top tip – The nutrition buffs on the team are excited to hear BANT Registered Nutritional Therapist and founder of The Fertility Nutrition Centre, Sandra Greenbank, speak on Saturday morning’s 11.30AM Boosting Fertility – diet & lifestyle slot. Plus, the amazing Melanie Brown MSc will be running that Male fertility & lifestyle session on Saturday PM.

Stands and exhibitors to watch out for include Preconception Nutrition (stand F22), the programmes created by Regan Heatley and Jane Hickey, plus The Endometriosis Foundation (stand C10) for specific endo-related advice. 

Get booked in for The Fertility Show 20 / 21 May 2023 (live, in-person and virtual), and start planning out your weekend – don’t forget to use your exclusive 20% off when booking, as a TRB reader (valid on general admission tickets only).

Do pop by and say hello to The Ribbon Box team at stand E50 – and catch founder Eloise’s talk on Sunday morning 11.30AM, all about donor parenting. We’re on this journey too, and can’t wait to help you get the most out of your 2023 visit.

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