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After IVF failure – what are the next steps, and things to test?

Kristina Lopez, in partnership with ReceptivaDx™  |   3 Sep 2023

IVF failure – what next? Let’s rule out endometriosis

The desire to be a parent is a beautifully personal decision and the journey can be an equally challenging one. Every moment of your IVF cycle is tinged with hope, but what happens when that hope is met with disappointment over and over again?

IVF failure is a heart-wrenching reality that many couples face—and you may be facing right now. If undergoing your first or umpteenth IVF, you’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed by the process. There’s a lot to learn about what your individual body needs for a successful IVF. We know the search for answers and uncertainty on this path can be exhausting. If you’ve experienced roadblocks of unexplained infertility or repeated IVF failures, ReceptivaDx™ is helping guide those struggling with fertility toward a solution.

After diving into the details, you can connect with ReceptivaDx™ to learn more and book your test. TRB readers can claim $75 off a ReceptivaDx test—just use code TRB23 on your test request form.

What could be causing IVF failure?

Despite the advancements in reproductive science, success is not always guaranteed with IVF. Statistics still show success rates for IVF at just above 50%. So what is happening with the 50% that are failing? There are many contributing causes but one significant contributor is embryo implantation failure due to complications in the womb lining, often linked to inflammation usually associated with endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus.

Endometriosis for almost half the women failing IVF  is asymptomatic, also known as “silent endometriosis”, making it difficult to initially diagnose. When an embryo can’t attach to the uterine lining, the incompatibility can be caused by other issues like physical irregularities, thin lining, infections, and even polyps.

The ReceptivaDx™ test was created to help those on their fertility journey gain new hope as they grapple with unexplained infertility. The cutting-edge test is focused exclusively on endometrial lining issues. What sets ReceptivaDx™ apart is its ability to identify the multiple leading causes of infertility in a single sample.

Testing after IVF failure BCL6 silent endometriosis

How does the ReceptivaDx™ test work?

Central to the ReceptivaDx™ test is BCL6, a remarkable marker that zeroes in on uterine lining inflammation that is often linked to silent endometriosis. Research shows that BCL6 is present in more than 50% of women with unexplained infertility and a staggering 65% of women who’ve faced two or more IVF failures. That’s why testing is so important as you begin a new IVF journey. ReceptivaDx™ is your lifeline to understanding what is going on inside of your body to make better and more informed decisions about your next steps. 

ReceptivaDx™ doesn’t just pinpoint endometriosis. It can also uncover progesterone resistance—an often undiscussed major roadblock that can elude typical fertility tests. Progesterone resistance occurs when your body’s response to the crucial progesterone hormone necessary for pregnancy is blocked or diminishes. It then disrupts the uterine environment that you need for successful embryo implantation and maintaining a successful pregnancy. ReceptivaDx™ also helps detect endometritis, a common bacterial infection that can be cause IVF failure. Treatment options for all these causes are available to your doctor.

Failure is not your only option

ReceptivaDx™ is not just backed by science. There are countless stories of couples who have faced the uphill battle of IVF failure. Their stories of loss and uncertainty were the driving force behind the commitment to bringing cutting-edge solutions to your doorstep. ReceptivaDx™ understands that each person’s fertility journey is unique. This starts with having your personal IVF Preparation Plan that includes everything from necessary nutrient-dense supplements for a healthier you to comprehensive testing—like the ReceptivaDx™ test—to support your next steps. Make an appointment with your fertility doctor to discuss your options.

How to support your fertility journey from here 

The Ribbon Box and ReceptivaDx™ are here to empower you with the knowledge to make the right decisions for you and your family. ReceptivaDx™ is an amazing partner on this journey across the infertility horizon. Remember that where there’s a test, there’s a chance to overcome the problem. For a limited time, TRB readers can claim $75 off a ReceptivaDx™  test—simply use code TRB23 to book your test today.

Want to learn more? Find out more about ReceptivaDx™ here.

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