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What should an IVF money back guarantee include? 5 questions to ask your clinic, before hitting go

Emma Harpham in partnership with Eugin  |   30 Apr 2024

When we’re looking to start (or restart) fertility treatment, it’s so easy to want to push ourselves to ‘get it right.’

From asking all of the correct questions, to making sure we’re giving our bodies the best chance, those of us at team TRB who’ve been there know it can feel like a lot of pressure – especially against the backdrop of the varied and rising costs of private fertility treatment in the UK.

We’re back partnering with the fantastic team at Spain and Portugal-based Eugin, one of Europe’s leading clinics, to unpack their IVF money back guarantee program Eugin Promise, and learn how IVF guarantee programs can help us ease some of the financial and emotional pressure that treatment brings with it.

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All up to date? Read on as Dr Daniel Mataró, Medical Director at Eugin Barcelona, fills us in on the questions to ask, before moving forward with an IVF money back guarantee to start treatment.

What’s the deal with IVF guarantee programs?  

IVF guarantee programs can be offered directly through the clinic or via external providers, and provide reassurance by offering a partial or full percentage refund if the patient doesn’t succeed in having a baby.

This can help to ease some of the financial burden and emotional stress associated with multiple IVF cycles, and empower patients to keep trying.

Who can benefit?

In a nutshell, IVF refund programs can benefit all individuals or couples who have been struggling with fertility issues and are seeking assisted reproductive treatments – it’s all about bringing you greater peace of mind.

They might especially appeal to those who have had previous unsuccessful attempts at IVF or other fertility treatments and are looking for a more financially secure option.


Choosing an IVF money back guarantee program – ask your clinic these questions first 

1. What is my eligibility, and does it make a difference if I’m having IVF with my own eggs, or using a donor?

This is a key question to kick off with. Clinics have different criteria, and often, your eligibility will depend on your diagnosis and treatment pathway.

At Eugin, we have two types of programs depending on age and type of treatment – that’s one for IVF patients using their own eggs, and another for donor egg IVF patients – more on this below.

2. How much does your IVF refund program cost, and what’s factored in? 

IVF refund program costs can vary, and you’ll want to determine if everything you need is included to ensure you won’t be faced with any hidden surprises. 

Under the Eugin Promise, costs are as follows:

  • IVF Promise – available up until age 37, with a cost of €12,000
  • Egg Donation Promise – available up until age 48, with a cost of €16,000

They are comprehensive programmes with a fixed price, and no hidden costs. 

Typically, the cost of IVF treatments can vary depending on factors like age, and additional treatments or procedures required, but with these programmes you have everything included.


3. What exactly is guaranteed, and how much will I be refunded?

This may seem like an obvious question, but not all IVF money back guarantees will offer a 100% refund option if you don’t end up having a baby.  

In fact, refunds can range from 50% to 70%, and up to 100%, depending on the clinic’s approach. 

This is key to note, as it may impact your ability to finance further future rounds of treatment, 

As part of the Eugin Promise, we always offer a 100% refund, with no questions asked – and that goes for both IVF patients and egg donation patients alike. 

4. Is there a multi cycle program option included?

An IVF multi cycle program is a fairly common package offering that you might’ve come across already – but it’s worth asking if this is also included as part of your clinic’s refund guarantee.

This is because IVF success rates can vary, and it often takes multiple transfers for some individuals or couples to achieve a successful pregnancy. 

Eugin’s IVF refund program guarantees a minimum of three embryo transfers to increase your chances of success. Here’s how this works in practice;

  1. If there are not enough embryos for three transfers, a new cycle will be performed at no cost. 
  2. If after three embryo transfers there are no surplus embryos available, 100% of the total treatment cost will be refunded.
  3. If surplus embryos are available, all possible transfers of the embryos generated in the same cycle will be carried out, at no additional cost. 
  4. If after these embryo transfers we have not succeeded in having a baby, 100% of the total treatment cost will be refunded.

5. Is there a waiting list?

Really, this question is an important kickstarter when you’re scoping things out for any form of fertility treatment. But when it comes to assessing if an IVF refund program is right for you, it all comes back to what’s included.

Ask your clinic about waiting times. If their program includes all of the initial testing with no wait times, you won’t have to worry about doing them elsewhere or losing more time, knowing you can get the ball rolling quickly.

At Eugin clinics in Barcelona, Madrid and Coimbra (Portugal), there are no waiting lists, and you can start your treatment when you are ready.


Learn more about Eugin’s IVF refund program

There you have it. The key questions to ask your clinic to help you choose an IVF money back guarantee program.

Eugin Promise ticks all of our boxes, and is one of the most comprehensive refund programs in Europe, right now.

Covering all necessary tests and inclusive treatment options, here’s a peek into the details, including:

  • Multiple IVF cycles with own/donated eggs
  • Freezing and storage of untransferred embryos, plus cryo-transfers of surplus embryos until successful birth
  • Necessary complementary tests, according to medical criteria, performed at Eugin
  • Other assisted reproduction techniques – Including ICSI or IMSI, embryo incubator with timelapse technology for monitoring and decision-making on embryo transfer, assisted hatching (if applicable) and embryonic culture until blastocyst stage (D+5), at medical discretion.
  • Sperm/donor semen – Seminogram and semen freezing (if applicable) with maintenance until successful birth, or use of donor semen (if applicable) with genetic matching, sperm DNA Fragmentation Test, and Chip-Fertile, if applicable.
  • Medication for donor stimulation
  • Endometrial preparation – control ultrasound and follow-up
  • Genetic testing and counseling – Including genetic matching with the donor, genetic study of the man, karyotype, recessive hereditary diseases, and genetic counseling
  • Pregnancy confirmation and monitoring – B-HCG blood pregnancy test and first pregnancy control ultrasound

Want to learn more about Eugin’s IVF refund program? Take a look at Eugin Promise here, and connect with the team today –  they offer customised treatment and world-leading care, in English, plus a first free consult, when you’re ready.

They’ll also be at the Fertility Show in London this year, on the 18th and 19th of May 2024. If you’re attending, you can book a free in-person consultation with one of their doctors here.

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