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5 IVF organization tips to help put you back in your power

Emma Harpham in partnership with MyVitro  |   6 Feb 2024

When you’re going through IVF – whether it’s your first or your fourth cycle – one of the hardest parts of the process is that there are no real guarantees

No one can promise you that everything is going to work out. And it can feel like there are precious few things that are actually within your control.

When it comes to how to stay organized during IVF – whether you’re worried about managing your time or keeping track of your medication we know that feeling disorganized and overwhelmed during treatment can, for so many of us, make things feel even more emotionally trying than they already are.

Our first (and best) tip to stay organized during IVF? Top notch support, from those who get it

The best kind of support often comes from those who truly get it, when you’re on a fertility journey. And someone who feels this particularly keenly is Danielle Hall, Co-Founder of MyVitro

After a years-long fertility struggle including recurrent pregnancy loss and failed rounds of IVF, Danielle and her partner Patrick founded MyVitro with the aim of making treatment feel just a little easier

“I talked with people going through treatment, collaborated with fertility professionals, listened to both the struggles that came along with IVF and the different ways people were learning to cope during the journey. From there, MyVitro was born: a complete line of organizers and accessories for people going through IVF who, like me, needed a bit more control of the chaos,” says Danielle.

From IVF support kits to organizers and accessories, MyVitro’s beautiful range of products is designed to help you feel supported, in control, and confident with your injections.

Read on for some of our favorite IVF organization tips and tricks to help lighten the load, and bring the power back to you.


How to stay organized during IVF

1. Create a cheat sheet (or binder!)

Before you begin your cycle, build a sheet, folder or binder just for fertility stuff, and bring it with you to every appointment. 

Not sure where to start? Here are some of the key things that might be helpful to include.

  • Create a straightforward calendar, mapping out each milestone, from medications to appointments, and update it as you go.
  • Break down your stims schedule into bite-sized, easy-to-follow segments, noting dosages and specific timings. Color-coding can help to add visual cues.  
  • Include any educational pamphlets, emergency contact numbers and your clinic’s address – a simple but crucial detail for your own peace of mind. 

You could even jot down some self-care reminders to nurture your emotional well-being, too. Whatever resonates with you. 

2. Master your IVF medication organization

Creating a dedicated space – a medication station, as some call it – can be a game changer when it comes to your IVF medication organization.

You’ll have more than a few needles, pens and other drugs to store, so label your medications clearly and arrange them by dosage and schedule, if you can. You may have to order additional meds later in your cycle, so understanding your working inventory is key.

Having one bin for meds that need to be kept in the fridge, and one for room-temperature storage is a good idea, too. MyVitro’s Essential IVF Support Kit comes with both a Fertility Caddy for your room temperature meds, as well as a Fridge Box for those that need to stay cold.

For extra support, we love MyVitro’s IVF Organizer and Shot Station bundle for providing a structured system to corral vials, syringes, and instructions seamlessly. There’s a clear calendar holder to see your treatment plans at-a-glance, as well as an injection preparation Shot Station, for assembling needles, sterilizing your injection spot, and mixing necessary medications.

Finally, lean on a daily checklist (you can download apps that help you with this, too) and tick off each shot, step by step. 

Editor’s note – If you ever feel stuck with anything related to storage, timings or dosage, do chat with your IVF doctor or pharmacist.

myvitro IVF medication organization

3. Lighten your load

This one is a biggie. In focusing on the essentials, you can help ease the mental load of IVF organization, and let your emotional well-being take precedence.

Streamlining your other appointments and commitments during your cycle can be so helpful for creating breathing room to prioritize your well-being. 

Politely but firmly set boundaries – now may not be the time to say yes to that bachelorette party, or take on an extra project at work. 

Remember, it’s totally okay to say no and prioritize your journey here.

4. Travel smart

Traveling with IVF meds? Always check with your doctor before you travel, especially if you’re having IVF abroad, or planning a longer trip.

Here’s an overview of keeping your medications organized, on the go. 

  • For day trips You won’t need much more than just the essentials. MyVitro’s IVF Travel Case is ideal for taking just what you need, securely, on short trips. It also doubles as a mobile work surface for injection prep on your lap, in the car or in a bathroom. Make sure to set any alarms on your phone for when it’s time to take your shots.
  • For longer trips or IVF abroad – When jet-setting, pack your medications and supplies in your carry-on rather than in a checked bag, along with a doctor’s note outlining your need for medications to navigate security hassle-free. MyVitro’s IVF Organizer has enough padding for safe storage of glass vials and needles for longer trips, and folds up neatly for portability.
IVF organizer help

5. Stock up on helpful extras 

Whilst these aren’t essentials, there are some handy extras that can make the IVF journey smoother, and help you feel more organized and prepared. 

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Grab some hot and cold packs for comfort during injections – a little relief goes a long way. 
  • Keep a stash of band-aids handy – those tiny pinpricks can add up. 
  • Invest in a cozy blanket for bringing moments of self-care to waiting rooms.
  • Dig out your portable phone charger – another helpful tool during clinic visits.

IVF organization tips – the bottom line? Focus on what you can control

Having to think ahead and reduce the number of decisions you’ll need to make, to stay organized during IVF, can feel like a lot. We’ve been there!

But focusing on what you can control can also feel really empowering, too.

And for those of you in the TRB community who are going through it right now, we see you, and we’ve got you. 

Head to MyVitro, browse their gorgeous range of IVF support products, and enjoy 10% OFF with code RIBBON.

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